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Felix Sew-Along: Hems

Alright, today is the last day in the Felix Sew-Along and we'll be hemming our dresses! Hemming the dress is pretty much exactly the same as hemming the sleeves so you may have already done this on your own, but if not here's the scoop!

Felix Sew-Along: Hems | Grainline Studio

Begin by pressing up the hem 1/4", then 1/4" again as shown above. I like to start with the lining, though I'm not sure why and it doesn't matter at all if you start with the lining or shell.

Felix Sew-Along: Hems | Grainline Studio

After pressing it up, stitch around the hem anchoring the folded edge in place. I then like to give the hem another press at the ironing board just to get everything super flat.

Felix Sew-Along: Hems | Grainline Studio

Repeat these two steps for the shell, or the lining if you hemmed your dress in reverse order of me. Give your dress a final press or steam and you're all set, your dress is done!

Thanks so much for following along with us on this sew-along and if you post your dress on social media make sure to use the hashtags #grainlinestudio and #grainlinefelix so that we can check them out!

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