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fall wardrobe part two | mini moss denim skirt

Well here it is, the first garment in my new fall wardrobe! I am calling it the Mini Moss Denim Skirt because I am SO amazing at naming things. Haha no, I am horrible at naming things and that's why it now has this name. Anyway it's the denim skirt from Look 1 in my wardrobe post (here) and so far it's gotten a lot of use! I found the denim in my fabric bin...well, one of my fabric bins* so that was a nice money saving move. The pattern is my own...back yoke, fly front, front pockets you know, the usual for a jean skirt. I am pretty sure I'll be making many more skirts from this pattern. I know I really don't need to add this photo but isn't Roamy looking so cute! What is it about cats that makes them come running as soon as a camera is out. This girl LOVES to be on film. Digital. Whatever, she loves it. There was a lot of topstitching to be done on this skirt and lucky for me I couldn't find any topstitching thread in an appropriate color so I had to go with regular thread. Possibly would have been cuter with the proper thread but oh well. The button is perhaps a bit odd, some sort of golden buggy, but it was the best I could do (and it was my Great-Grandmother's). I tried to find a jeans style button (joann.com is telling me they are called tack buttons) but jeez they are ugly! I could not do that to my poor skirt. I am also considering putting belt loops on this skirt which I haven't done yet because I do not own a belt. I always mean to buy a cute skinny one but it never happens. Hopefully I can find something this autumn... This skirt is a bit different in the pocket area than others I've drafted/sewn in that the pockets go all the way to the center front seam. I was skeptical while I was sewing, it had the potential to get a bit bulky in there, but now that it's done I may never do pockets the other way again. Anchoring them to the CF seam keeps them from bunching up like pockets are known to do, especially when you are wearing tights. These lay so flat and never seem to have the least bit of bunching action. Yes!! Oh yeah, I made my first animated gif! I've always wanted to try a gif and dudes, it is SO easy!! Hopefully it looks more cool than creepy. * To be read in the style of David Sedaris in Our Perfect Summer. It's better in audio but I can't find that link.