Fall Style Inspiration - Sarah

Fall Style Inspiration - Sarah | Grainline Studio

I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing, because when they do it means it’s time for my favorite outfits to come out! They were packed up under my bed all summer and now it’s time for them to emerge. This year I am going to be making many many new handmade items to pair with the staples I already own. Layering textures and materials is especially great in the fall. I have a chambray Steven Alan dress (just like the one pictured above) that I nabbed off of the sale rack last year. I plan to wear it with maroon tights, and a Driftless Cardigan.

Fall Style Inspiration - Sarah | Grainline Studio

I am going to be introducing a jumper to my wardrobe. I think they are such versatile layering pieces. The Willow Tank Dress will make the perfect jumper. I am going to be making a Willow and an off white, raw silk, Archer Button Up. Like birds of a feather, I’m going to stick them together. I couldn’t help myself. How cute is the Archer going to be underneath the Willow?!

Fall Style Inspiration - Sarah | Grainline Studio

Another aspect I love about the fall is how women’s fashion becomes influenced my menswear. I am going to be piling myself under cozy oversized sweaters, with my Archer collar popping out, wearing jeans and a masculine pair of chukka boots.

I’ll be posting my handmades throughout the fall! All Images are from our Fall / Winter 2016 Pinterest board here

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