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Lady Bat // Retta // Happy Triangles // Relax // Arrowhead Cardigan

It's getting chilly around these parts and all I can think about (besides tea, and blankets, and soup, and quilts) are sweaters! I am a girl who loves a long sleeve, especially a wooly one. I *may* have gotten a tattoo this weekend that semi-ravaged my arm so I haven't been able to do much actual work that requires the use of my left arm - queue Netflix overdose and Ravelry browsing! I've been out of the new knitting pattern loop for quite a while so I usually go through the favorites of some of my favorite knitting ladies - Steph and Elena. These girls know all the best patterns, I swear. I know some of you guys are knitters, what are you excited about knitting for fall? Any patterns I need to know about? I'm kind of freaking out about that last colorwork cardigan, I'd take a few years to finish it because we all know my knitting habits, but man it's so beautiful!