Fall Handknit Dreaming

fallknittingdreams Now that I no longer work from home and now have"after work time, " I've been getting a lot of evening knitting done which is pretty exciting! I just finished up my Benton sweater, now it's back onto Stonecutter. Personally I'm not letting the fact that I'll be knitting Stonecutter till the day I die put a damper on dreaming of more handknits. Why be practical when you can imagine all the cabled handknits can be yours? With that said, here are three knits that are definitely in my Ravelry queue.

Ondawa by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed Fall '14 I swore I wasn't going to be swayed by the new Brooklyn Tweed release, but then this morning there it was, this little cropped and cabled sweater and really, who can say no to that.

Exeter by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed Spring Thaw I don't know if you've noticed a theme yet but Michelle also designed the Stonecutter. Obviously I agree with her cable stylings and, while I am a hater of cardigans, this one is of the kind which buttoned up, looks and acts like a sweater or can be wrapped blanket style. Being practically cold blooded, I obviously need this. Also check out this gorgeous version!

The Boyfriend Hat by Purl Soho This is one I've been meaning to knit but it kind of got pushed aside for Stonecutter and then it was spring, so back onto the fall list it goes. I also have a request for this hat out from Jon who upon seeing the picture last winter thought I had them available for the taking in the house. Sadly it was just the project photo.

Do you have any fall knitting projects planned? What patterns are you currently loving? Also does anyone have a good sub for Brooklyn Tweed Shelter because one sweater was fine, but two more and I'll be going broke!