A Fall Cortland Sew-Along

 Grainline Studio Cortland Trench

A lot of you have been asking if there'll be a Cortland Sew-Along, and the answer is yes...but we're going to hold off till fall. Unfortunately with our patterns being delayed by both the pandemic and supply chain issues, we've built up a bit of a backlog. I really want to make sure we get the Farrow, Hadley, and Willow out this summer in our 14-30 size range and we're currently all hands on deck with that. Doing a Cortland Sew-Along at this minute would likely push those off till early fall since we're a mini-business with only three of us here in the office. That's really something I don't want to do as I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting these new patterns!

SO! This fall we'll be doing a full video sew-along for the Cortland, and in the meantime, if you have any questions on construction, fabrics, anything, just let us know. We always provide full pattern support for all of our patterns!

Mentioned Products

  • Cortland Trench 0 – 18
    Cortland Trench 0 – 18
  • Cortland Trench 14 – 30
    Cortland Trench 14 – 30