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Blog Goals: Posting Finished Projects

Unblogged Things I've Made | Grainline Studio

A Selection of Unblogged Things I've Made Pulled From my Instagram Account

I had a realization the other day, I've only done 3 finished project posts this year, and they've all been knitting. I've never been one to post every single thing I've made, but I used to do one or two a month and I've realized two things over the past 6 months of almost no finished garment posts. One, that I miss posting them if even just as a record of what I've made with details on that particular project and two, the longer you don't post the harder it is to start back up.

I think there are a few reasons why I haven't posted as much, the first being Instagram, where all the above photos are pulled from (@grainlinestudio). Sometimes I think if I've posted either a progress sewing or a mirror shot to Instagram than it's not worth double posting back to the blog. Now that I'm typing this out I don't actually think this is the most sound logic, especially on those in progress shots. The other reason is that as this microscopic business has grown into a small business I've become much busier and posting finished garments can seem a bit self-indulgent. Shouldn't I be tending to my quickbooks or working on invoicing? Those patterns aren't going to finish themselves & quarterly taxes are due soon!

Kendra and I recently had a good conversation about how it's important to sew for fun when we can (and sometimes to even post about it!) because that's basically what this business is all about! I don't want to lose the heart of what I'm doing because I'm stuck behind the computer doing one thing or another. The week before we left on vacation we both just took the week to come in to work and sew whatever we wanted, on the clock. It was such a refreshing experience to just make a small list of things to make or finish and, with the exception of emails, sit down and do it.

So where am I going with all this? I'm setting myself a new blog goal to sew for fun and sometimes post about it! Gillan just sent me the best tweet right now while I'm typing out this post, "Play dress up with Kendra and photograph each other on the way to get ice cream!" That girl always knows what's up, guess that's why she's always dishing out the sewing dares.

Have guys have any recent blog goals or struggled with posting your finished garments even when you want to? Fill me in!!