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Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe

I'm currently working on figuring out my Autumn Wardrobe but I thought that instead of just coming up with a few random pieces that I'd really like, I should try to figure out where the gaps are in my handmade wardrobe and start from there. With that in mind I photographed my handmade wardrobe to lay out and take notes on. I'm sure that you are going to laugh at the amount of tank tops I have, I swear I really do wear them all though, I am a layering queen. I'm missing a few pieces here that were either dirty, at the dry cleaners or I just couldn't find and I also haven't photographed any hand knits but this is the bulk of it.

Handmade Tanks

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Okay, I've got a lot of tanks, though like I said above, I really do wear all of them. I'm pretty sure I've got this section covered. I do like layering sleeveless shirts though so I'm thinking about coming up with a different style of shell type garment for fall. Something that looks good under a cardigan perhaps.

Handmade Shirts with Sleeves

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Well well well, look at me. All these short sleeve tops and nothing with long sleeves. I've got the two button down shirts that I didn't make for my summer wardrobe so I'll have those to add after the Autumn Wardrobe but perhaps something else is in order.

Handmade Blazers and Knits

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

This section could use a little help. I LOVE this blazer and literally wear it all the time once it's cool enough for a blazer. I'm planning on doing my polka dot blazer for fall so that will add another blazer to the stock. As for the knit, I actually don't wear a lot of knits, handmade or otherwise, but I think I'd really like to experiment more with knits in the coming months.

Handmade Skirts

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Can you believe I only have 3 handmade skirts (well plus the cobalt skirt in the section below)? I wear the green denim one in the fall all the time so I'd like to add at least one more variation of that skirt into my wardrobe for fall.

Handmade Shorts

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Shorts are pretty much covered for now...definitely don't need to add to that right now. I don't have any handmade pants but honestly that really doesn't interest me. Perhaps in the future though.

Handmade Dresses

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Ah, dresses. I definitely need to add to this section with a few more easy to wear fall type dresses. I wear the first 4 dresses the most out of this grouping and would love to add something with a 3/4 sleeve or a long sleeved shirtdress. Something easy to throw on that looks good with tights and boots.


Handmade Outerwear

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

I LOVE my handmade outerwear, especially the first coat, I wore that all winter, except for the few days I needed my puffy. I have another coat cut out ready to be sewn that is Thinsulate lined but I think I'll save that for the winter wardrobe. It would be nice to have another light jacket though.

Handmade Pajamas

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Pretty sure the handmade pajamas are covered for now, though I would like to make a pair of cute knit sweatpants that I can wear around the house and not look insane when people stop by. I am also really interested in making a pair of leggings, though I'm not sure this is really the category for that.

New Handmade Items

Assessing My Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Ah, the new guys. I made these after I had laid out the above photos and was too lazy to re-do their sections.

I'll be digesting this over the next few days and will be back with my handmade wardrobe later in the week or early next week. I've got a few awesome fabrics I think I'm going to use and I'm so excited to post my plans and get to sewing! Is anyone else assessing their handmade wardrobe right now? I know Sunni has been posting about hers, I love that more people are getting into sewing for everyday wear, I think it's the best type of sewing!!!

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