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A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio

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A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio After our chat the other week on photographing and posting finished projects I've been super motivated (well relative to how motivated I was previously) to get some photos done. Saturday morning, before I started an impromptu massive closet clean out, Jon and I went to grab coffee and take some photos of my new Moss Skirt. I have to say Saturday morning in Wicker Park maybe isn't the best time to get back into the swing of having your photo taken. People are swarming everywhere, but we got the job done just fine. A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio It's been a while since I made myself a new Moss and I've been planning this one for about 2 years. I have a few that I wear pretty often so since I always had a backup to grab, this one kept getting pushed further and further out. I bought the fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics back in summer of 2013 - that's how long I've been meaning to get this done - and finally last week decided it was now or never. I love the fabric so much so never wasn't an option. A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio The Moss is such a quick sew that I can cut and sew one in a day and still have time to answer emails, work on admin tasks, and take a leisurely lunch - which is any lunch where I'm not typing between bites. Apparently I had forgotten this but it's nice to have your memory jogged now and then. I've also realized lately that I need to get an iron and ironing board for home. I actually only have one at work, which didn't bode well with the fact that I folded the skirt into my bag to bring it home. I guess I could have Photoshopped out the wrinkles but I abandoned that photo degree long ago so we're just rolling with the wrinkles. A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio I also made this shirt, it's one of those oversized raglan tees I'm always making. Since I'm now 4 deep I've named it to simplify the process of talking about it. It will henceforth be known as the Penny Raglan. BOOM! Anyway this little Penny is made from a silk/rayon blend from Mood purchased about a year ago. Unfortunately it has long since sold out. It's been super muggy in Chicago lately so I figured a shirt that felt like a breezy cloud was the only way to go until - probably late September if we're being honest. Ha! A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio The fabric on this tee is a bit sheer which doesn't phase me, but I did take this as an opportunity to try out the longline Watson. I'd made a regular version a while back and I didn't totally love it on me. It's a combo of the proportion on my body and the fabric I used, so I don't really wear it much despite it being pretty comfortable. This one though, this one struck it out of the park and I need more. It really deserves it's own post though so we'll just catch a creepy peek here and save the rest for later. Back to the shirt. I have 4 of these raglans now and I feel like I should mention this because it comes up a lot, it is not a variation of the Linden, it's a completely separate pattern. Sorry guys! A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio I'm so so glad I got this Moss (and my humidity beating Penny) into my rotation. It's going to be a great summer to fall skirt, though I think it might be a bit lightweight to transition to winter with tights. I've got a few more summer things I want to make/blog but I'm getting antsy to start my fall wardrobe planning and sewing. I really wasn't made for the heat and humidity no matter how good my game face is. For the record it's terrible. The Great Closet Cleanout of 2015 I briefly mentioned above all started Saturday morning when Jon got rid of an old chair we had in a corner and our apartment instantly looked so much better. This gave me a brief thought, "I should get rid of things I don't wear before I decide what I need for the upcoming months." Cut to me literally (this is 100% for real) packing up probably at least 50-60% of my clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Anyway, more on the clean out and planning wardrobes later. Time to go enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!