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a knit blazer

Last night I decided to make this blazer. I had the pattern done as this was supposed to be a part of the fall 2010 hound collection, but I didn't have time before the photo shoot as a result of my finger incident so something had to go. This was it.
It's made from a really nice medium weight jersey, heavy enough to keep you warm but light enough so you're not sweatin'. It had just been sitting cut out on my sewing table since the day before the shoot and I was tired of it taunting me!
I've already worn it as part of 2 outfits (I changed a lot today) and I'm totally lovin' it. So glad I decided to give it the ol' college try and make it happen. Now I just have to decide what to do with the rest of the yardage I have to make these! Yikes!
Oh, and check out lil Sister Baby Pug in every photo. She was in the horizontal ones too until I cropped them. She's a little needy this week since Luke left her home with me while he was in Champaign, she usually goes with and this threw the ol' girl for a major loop! That expression in the last photo is killing me! Hahahahaha!