a few good looking patterns

clockwise from top left

Luke is out of town again (it's the Armory Show this time) so to pass the time by myself at dinner tonight I perused the patterns on Burda Style. Here are four that I can imagine adding into a wardrobe, albeit in different colors / fabrics. The styling on these is not really my taste, but I can imagine the mods to make them happen. The jersey jacket in particular is a dead ringer for one in my closet that is about to die. I was worried because I don't really have the time to pattern a look-alike, but now there's no need to waste my time!  Does anyone else have any patterns that aren't to be missed? I did a sort of half-assed search through because my internet is intolerable tonight. I know there are more good ones out there.

I don't know about anyone else, but this year in particular I cannot wait for spring! I think it's because Luke is perpetually out of town for business and I am stuck in my apartment on cold, rainy, bone chilling days by myself with only two pets to keep me company. I know, it could be worse, I could have no pets, so at least I have some fuzzy warmth. Daylight savings time next week though, woah heyyy!!!