2016 in Review: Textile Tutorials

One of our most fun adventures in the studio in 2016 was creating, On the Surface, our textile tutorial series. There are so many techniques that you can use to customize your fabric at home. Stay tuned because there are more coming in 2017!

Grainline Studio | Willow Tank

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The first tutorial we put together was potato stamping. The print possibilities are endless with this technique. I used French fries, because... why not?!

Grainline Studio | Scout Tee

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Our next tutorial was natural dyeing with avocado pits. When boiled avocado pits make a beautiful shade of blush pink. We made our fabric into a Scout Tee.

Grainline Studio | Textile Tutorials

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We are drooling over these two projects that our readers made with our natural dying tutorial! Are there any surface design or dyeing tutorials you'd love to see next year?

Textile Tutorials | Grainline StudioTextile Tutorials | Grainline Studio