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2016 in Review: Pattern Variations

There are hundreds of pattern variation tutorials that we would love to post! There is so much potential for each pattern. We love doing pattern variations because so many ideas come from you! It’s really fun to brainstorm with our community. In 2016 we came up with several. We only wish we could have done more, that’s the goal for 2017!

Grainline Studio | Archer Button Up

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We started off 2016 with this color blocked Archer Button Up tutorial. It's the perfect way to add a pop of color to your Archer.

Grainline Studio | Archer Popover

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Then we released the Archer Popover Variation Pack. It’s the Archer on casual Friday. Still elegant but has a more relaxed vibe. And it’s perfect over jeans!

Grainlne Studio | Archer Popover

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After we released the Archer Popover Variation Pack we had a lot of people wanting to know how to make a pleat at the bottom of the placket. Because it's super cute and adds interest! We love how it turned out and have plans to sew up more samples this spring.

Grainline Studio | Alder Shirtdress

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In the spring we released the The Alder Shirt Dress as a tunic shirt. The Chicago spring is probably the toughest season to get through. We really needed to channel some summer warmth.

Grainline Studio | Willow Tank & Dress

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Then we created the cropped Willow Tank tutorial. It’s nice and breezy in the summer and is perfect paired with anything high-rise.

Grainline Studio | Archer and Alder Version 2

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Then we combined the Archer Button Up Shirt and Alder Shirtdress for the second time to create a loose fitting shirt dress. This second method is easier than the first one we shared with you a couple of years ago.

Grainline Studio | Hemlock Tee

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Finally we spruced up one of our favorite patterns the Hemlock Tee.It’s a free pattern that you get when you subscribe to our mailing list. It has evolved into so many different tees over the years. This last iteration is a sweater version with a split hem. Perfect for staying cozy this winter.

Pattern Variations | Grainline StudioPattern Variations | Grainline Studio

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