2016 in Review: Pattern Releases

This has been a really exciting and rewarding year for us. We worked together, combining our talents and released four new patterns. Releasing patterns is such a fun and creative process. For the most part! After the drafting and testing part is done we come up with a name for the pattern. We brainstorm for a few weeks and come up with something that reflects on the function of the garment and where and how we imagine it being worn. Then we work on the blurb, at that point we are already so attached to the pattern it’s like writing a short biography. The most exciting part about releasing patterns into the world is seeing how you create truly unique and personal garments. Thanks for keeping us inspired! Here are the four patterns that we released in 2016.

Driftless Cardigan | Grainline Studio

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The first pattern we released in 2016 was the Driftless Cardigan. Jen wanted to make a cozy, multi-seasonal cardigan with super cute pockets. We are all nostalgic about cabin life, so we named it after the Driftless region in Wisconsin. It’s perfect for walks in the woods and nights by the fire. I hope to make a few in 2017. That’s my goal!

Grainline Studio | Willow Tank Dress

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Next up was the Willow Tank & Dress. Photographing our Willows at The Garfield Park Conservatory was by far the best day of the year for us! It was magical spending the day exploring the conservatory in our new handmade outfits. There is a lack of nature here in Chicago, especially in early spring. Spending the day at the conservatory transported us from city life into nature. Where ever you live I highly recommend visiting your local conservatory and breathing in the freshest air!

Grainline Studio | Penny Raglan

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Our next release was the Penny Raglan. Jen has made several for herself over the years. She received countless requests for the pattern. Poof, wish granted! It’s the perfect loose fitting raglan tee. Unbelievably flattering when worn with jeans…

The Farrow Dress | Grainline Studio

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Here it is, the last pattern we released in 2016. The Farrow Dress. It’s both elegant and interesting. The diagonal pockets are our favorite feature. It was a serious challenge keeping it a secret. We look forward to seeing your Farrow Dresses in 2017!



Mentioned Products

  • Driftless Cardigan
    Driftless Cardigan | Grainline Studio
  • Farrow Dress 0 – 18
    Farrow Dress | Grainline Studio
  • Farrow Dress 14 – 30/32
    Farrow Dress 14 – 30/32
  • Penny Raglan
    Penny Raglan | Grainline Studio
  • Willow Tank & Dress 0 – 18
    Willow Tank & Dress | Grainline Studio
  • Willow Tank & Dress 14 – 32
    Willow Tank & Dress 14 – 32