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2013 Top 5 Misses

Grainline Studio | 2013 Top 5 Misses

Now it's everyone's favorite...the top 5 misses of 2013! Rather than doing specific projects that didn't turn out I'll be doing like Sonja and talking about 5 areas where I totally failed this year in sewing. After writing them out, they actually all seem to be super related to each other, so maybe that will make it easier to work on for 2014. I hope so!

Unphotographed Garments
I mentioned this problem in a previous post, but this year I completely sucked at photographing the garments I made. This year I completed over 60 sewn or knitted objects but somehow managed to blog around 20 or so of them. Major goal for next year...blog all of the things - because I actually wear (or use) them all!

Irregular Blogging
Related to the above topic, I had a hard time maintaining any sort of blog schedule this year. I moved twice, basically started my life over, and plus, I didn't photograph anything. All of this together = a really lame blog. I've already started planning and photographing things for next year so that I hopefully don't have this problem again.

Not Making Enough Things
Okay so this one might sound strange but I feel like I only made half the amount of garments and patterns I wanted to this year. This was a pretty crazy life changing year for me so I'm not going to get too hard on myself here, but I do feel disappointed that fabrics I had planned for garments I wanted to make are still sitting under my work table in bins. Sigh... classic case of eyes being bigger than the stomach (or whatever analogy works for sewing) I suppose.

Not Making More Patterns Just for Me
A major way that I come up with new garments to release as patterns is just by messing around making myself garments with no intention of selling the pattern. This year though, I found I didn't have as much time as I'd like to spend on just making patterns to make patterns. I got overly stressed out about releasing the patterns I did release, was super worried all the time that I wasn't releasing enough patterns (cause there are SO many I want to get out there) and because of that I felt like I shouldn't waste time on these types of fun projects. I really missed doing things like my seasonal wardrobe challenges that I'd done in the past, even though I usually only got about halfway through each one.

Not Having More Fun Blogging
The 4 previous fails really contributed to this final fail. This year I really I stressed out that I wasn't posting about what people wanted to read. Not blogging enough tutorials, not responding quickly enough to comments, blogging garments that I haven't released patterns for, or blogging things unrelated to sewing / too many personal posts. I just need to remember that this whole thing is supposed to be fun, and if I'm not having fun, most likely other people aren't either. I'm going to just breathe, chill out, and maybe post a personal post or a cat photo here and there in 2014 because that's what makes me happy!