2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

This is our last pattern recap for the month, hopefully you have enjoy reminiscing with us! We finished up this year by releasing the Stowe, which only made it’s debut a little over a month ago. A collaborated pattern we did with Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co, the Stowe can be purchased on our online store, at Karen’s shop, or check in at your local knitting/sewing store to see if they carry it! I posted in November about it’s release, read the post here. Also, it’s fun to hear what Karen has to say about the pattern on her blog, take a look here!

Introducing The Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

The bag comes in two different sizes and has lots of interior pockets for optimal storage. We have seen the Stowe made in tons of different fabrics and it sews up great in solids or prints. We haven’t had much time to post about it, since it is so new, but in the meantime take a look at the bags others are making!

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

dawnincali | hannah.garr

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

9crafty11 | louisebrouwers

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

mfarmtown | spoolpgh

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

stefaniekamerkam | notaprimarycolor

12 replies on “2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag

  • Nicole

    I love this pattern in spite the unfinished edges on the inside. It’s a quick sew as long as you’ve got your bias binding already made up. I’ve used C+S canvas, which is pretty floppy compared to a lot of other styles I’ve seen sewn up. As for the bias tape, I used a lightweight linen/canvas I made myself and it worked great. For my second one, I used the premade poly kind you get at JoAnns- it was a struggle to work with, so I wonder if I got a bad batch that wasn’t exactly bias cut.

    I don’t quite understand how to execute step 13. I get what I’m supposed to do, but I’m not sure how to physically do it. Like, I can’t get the bottom fabric under the needle without the top being in the way. I’m also not sure to do with the bag corners since they seem bulky. Might just be me, lol.

  • Napagal.clare

    I love this bag and have made about six so far. However, I have found that a box corner, trimmed and with edges neatly finished, makes a better bottom to the bag. It makes exactly the same shape, but with a much neater interior.

  • Bella

    I have a tip for the bottom of the bag, and I think it works really well and achieves a very neat finish. Flip the finished bag wrong sides out and make sure the bottom corners are fully inside out too. With the bag completely flat in front of you, fold the outside edges of the bag toward the centre by an inch or two (depending on how large you want the flat bottomed area to be). Pin in place so that the bottom seams are aligned where you have folded, and run a line of stitching through both layers on either side, using the existing stitching line as a guide. When you fold the bag right sides out, the bottom of the bag will have the 3D/box shape and the finish is super neat. I figured it out from looking at a re-usable shopping bag I have at home.

  • Sew Happy

    I am making my first Stowe bag. I thrown of guard a bit with the binding. I decided to go with pre made but still had to think about before sewing the 1/4” seam which was not in the “ditch”. Plus I fold it back with the fold ironed in so the binding showing. Maybe the next time I will try making my own binding or sew a deeper seam. Any suggestion? With the pockets, I sewed as outlined on the pocket pattern. No big deal but not the same as on the front of the pattern. I believe Step 12 tells us to lay down the bag flat and fold each side in 3” or 4”. I am not there yet but that is what I plan to do. Similar to what Bella said but 3 or 4 inches. Then box the corners. It is time for me to finish the binding then onto to Step 13 and 14

  • mette

    hello, having finished the stowe bag today – I like it ! – but I cannot understand the optional
    step 15. can you please post a photo of the way the bag is supposed to be folded in
    order to sew this last seam? I don’t get the diagram and the description. would be very helpful,

  • J.G.

    Is there an addition to making this bag with lining? I see all the pretty pictures but have found different suggestions on how to do the lining. Is there a tip from you guys? I have seen the handle bit that is sticking out being folded over in a lined version, is this necessary? Thank you!!

    • Jen

      The actual bag is unlined with pockets on the inside. Everyone who has suggested a lining method is making that up on their own. We recommend keeping the bag unlined.


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