New Happenings & The Modern Sewciety Podcast

Grainline Studio | New Work Studio

I’m sure you guys have noticed there’s a lot of stuff going on over here, especially if you follow me on Instagram, but if not I thought I’d fill you in! I’m so excited that I’ve finally moved my work space out of my apartment living room and into a dedicated studio! I’ve been dreaming of the day I wouldn’t walk out of my bedroom in the morning and be at work and it’s finally happened! Or happening…we’re in slight construction mode getting everything set up, etc. My goal is to be done by next week so I can get back to work but we’ll see how things go. It seems like things always take so much longer than you think they will. Anyway this new studio is the first step towards bringing you patterns on a more regular schedule, rather than the here and there I’ve been doing since I started. Whooo!! I cannot wait, I have so many ideas and just haven’t had the space to get them done, or the time really. I found that when when you work out of your living room in a space that’s about 10x smaller than what you need you spend a lot of time cleaning and tetris organizing things so that you can move around and not feel totally overwhelmed by stuff. I’m glad that now everything will have an actual dedicated place and my kitchen table and counters will now be free of patternmaking supplies!!

Grainline Studio | Modern Sewciety Podcast

Another thing that’s happened recently is I was interviewed by Stephanie for the Modern Sewciety podcast which was really a lot of fun. I’m in a really great episode, Carolyn Friedlander guys! Seriously, she is so awesome and when Stephanie told me she’d be on my episode I was totally excited. Anyway if you’re looking for something to listen to while you sew, want to hear me get weird talking about what I do, totally embarrass myself, and hear some other amazing ladies talk about their projects this is right up your alley!

Also I’ll be going to Berlin in a short bit, if you have any recommendations of things I need to check out let me know!

16 replies on “New Happenings & The Modern Sewciety Podcast

  • Bellbird

    I tuned in to the podcast, you didn’t embarrass yourself at all. It was really interesting to hear about your background and process. Can I put in a cheeky hint hint for a pattern release of your Morris blazer? Once you’re all set up of course! Studio looks awesome.

  • Heather Lou

    YAY! So happy you’ll have room to spread your wings. I’m in the process of turning my living room into a studio, but hopefully it’s short term. I think I’ll go a little cray if I don’t ever have to leave my apartment.

  • Tilly Buttons

    So exciting about your new studio! I’m living vicariously through you for a few weeks until I get the keys to my own. Can. Not. Wait. xx

  • Caroline Joynson

    Wow, Jen you have been sooo (sew) busy! The studio looks brilliant and I am glad you have finally found a space that it dedicated to the awesomeness that is your pattern business. Any new patterns will be gratefully received ; )

  • Jennifer, Workroom Social

    Can’t wait for your studio to be all set up! You probably don’t want to hear this but it took me almost a year to get mine totally up and running. That said, I re-did everything from the floors, to the walls. Built all the furniture, and did it all while also doing contract work. I probably should have just taken a month to do it all at once. Can’t wait to see pics when it’s all ready!!

  • Emily

    Re Berlin; the Rittersport shop on Franzosische Strasse. They custom make chocolate bars!
    Can’t wait for future patterns, and eagerly awaiting the Alder dreaming, as an adventurous beginner I like some hand-holding.

  • Lynn

    Berlin is an interesting city. You have to see Check Point Charlie and the remains of the Berlin Wall. The Brandenburg Gaye is must. Also Charlottenburg’s is a beautiful palace.

  • Kim

    Beautiful space! When you go to berlin I suggest eating a burger at Burgermeister ( super delicious and great spot!

  • Rochelle New

    Exciting, indeed! Your studio space looks beautiful (I’m dreaming of one some day) and I can’t wait to see what patterns you have in the works for the near future!! Yay for big steps!!

  • maddie

    Congratulations on the new studio, Jen! I can testify that having a dedicated space increases your workflow. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations for Berlin, but I hope you have a great time!


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