Spring ’14 Wardrobe Inspiration

Grainline Studio | Spring '14 Wardrobe | Inspiration

If you’ve been following along with this blog for a while you may remember that I used to plan out seasonal wardrobes and then make as much of them as I could (wardrobes one, two, three if you’re curious). I really had fun doing it but then work took over and I let that slip. Well I’ve really been wanting to do another one so over the past week I’ve been thinking about what sort of garments I want to be wearing come spring…if it ever shows up! I’ve been posting silhouettes (and shoes) I like to my Spring ’14 Inspiration Pinboard (all of these garments can be found there for more info) and searching through my fabric stash for the proper fabrics. A bit of new yardage may have been purchased as well.

Grainline Studio | Spring '14 Wardrobe | Inspiration

1. Button-up shirt alternatives: Obviously I’m really into the button-up shirt, I’ve made about 18million Archers, but I’m always looking for a fun way to hack that pattern and this looks to be the next one I’m planning!

2. Letterman / bomber style jackets: I tried to include one of these in a hound collection a few years ago and everyone thought I was nuts. Well, who’s nuts now? Probably still me. I really want to make one of these happen and I happen to have the Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber sitting on my pattern table.

3. Ummmm shoes. Not making them but in my head these Swedish Hasbeens will go with all my spring / summer dresses.

4. You guys, I am so into the sweatshirt at the moment. Regular sweatshirts, ‘fancy’ sweatshirts, printed
sweatshirts, give them all to me.  I have a sweatshirt pattern I just drafted and sweatshirts will be happening for spring.

5. Loose striped tops, and loose tops in general, are always a must have for me. I’ve got the perfect fabric under my table right now for one of these.

6. I’d really like to make a nicer spring coat that isn’t a jean jacket – currently my only non-winter jacket.

7. These babies are my ultimate dream shoes and sadly they’re sold out in a 6! As soon as they’re back in stock they WILL be mine and they will go perfectly with everything despite the fact that they’re orange!

Up top are two other things I really want for spring. Shirt dresses and a leather mini skirt. I’ve got this awesome shirt dress pattern and I’ll be using some bronze leather with the Moss pattern for the mini. What types of garments & silhouettes are you guys into for spring? Is there anything you’re dying to sew for the warmer weather? Hopefully it’s on it’s way soon cause I’m getting tired of all puffy coat alllllll the time.

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  • lisa g

    basically everything you listed here is also on my list! i love sweatshirts for the (theoretical) transition to spring, and a bomber jacket is pretty high on my list of wants as well.

  • Kathleen

    Fabulouso capsule: so current, fresh and completely wearable. Pleeeeeaaase draft and publish an Archer “tweak” for #1 so we can all be onboard! And a sweatshirt with your great instinct for proportion would be very very welcome too.

    Wearing one of my seven Archers as I type,

  • gingermakes

    Ooh, what a fun list! Maybe I need to make a spring inspiration list… I’m feeling completely hopeless that spring will ever show up, but I bet thinking of spring garments would inspire some renewed optimism! I love all of these- they’re such fun silhouettes!

  • Annette

    I think it is best to plan out a wardrobe. If a wardrobe isn’t planned, there could be a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.

    Plan away, but please share.

  • sarah

    i have archers on my list…so many archers. going to give renfrew tshirts a whirl. thinking about maybe making some olive green shorts as well (guess that’s summer)
    all of this is probably wishful thinking–i’ll be lucky to get a tshirt done!

  • Katie Emma

    I just made my first Laurel dress from Colette and can see myself making more. In my head, my spring wardrobe is effortless and casual, but still polished. Totally achievable, right?

  • mary

    Big fat yes to shirt dresses!! I will be making one of those! I want to make a popover version of the archer too! More slouchy T’s are also in the wings.

  • Kristi

    Love the leather Moss skirt idea. If you make it, please share leather sewing tips. I just impulse bought a few strips from the bargain bin, and I have no idea what to do with it. Can you iron leather?

  • Elle

    I’ve been wanting those clogs for spring, too, and I’ve been dreaming of sweatshirts in a really nice French terry. Chicago is so cold now, though, that I’m not sure I’ll ever get a chance to wear them. Ugh.

  • Elena

    I’m so happy to see the return of your wardrobe plans! I looooove that swingy stripey top. My plans are for a couple knit dresses (hopefully one with a dropwaist) and a cropped jacket/blazer. Maybe some fun leggings or loose, pleated pants as well.

  • Maddie

    Yes, yes, and yes to the bomber jacket!

    I’m really looking forward to making anything with crepe de Chinese and I have one project on my sewing table that is fulfilling this urge. Stay tuned…

  • amy nicole

    I love the idea of sewing a bomber jacket!

    I’m still trying to even start my fall/winter sewing plans (http://bit.ly/1fDauJR) .. seriously.. haven’t started a single one – unless you count cutting out that jumper pattern. Don’t know how much I’m going to get to seeing as I’m definitely already looking forward to spring.

    Been thinking (and posting) a lot about silhouettes since following along with Wardrobe Architect over at the Coletterie. Warmer weather where are you!!??

  • Kelly

    Mmmmmm, all so good! I have been thinking of sweatshirts too, I have a raglan tee pattern I am going to use and also thinking of a short Hemlock sweatshirt. Some more Archers, including a dress, more jeans (I have some polka dot denim and some colored denim) and a light weight blazer…that should keep me busy for a while, ha! I am glad you are doing the wardrobe planning again, I liked those posts 🙂

  • Clover

    This is such a great post. How I wish I had you sewing capabilities. Please share your sweatshirt fabric purchase….and the pattern too! Thanks.

  • Sara

    I’m finishing up a Spring jacket right now, and the plan is to build a mini wardrobe around it. I want all the items I sew to work with the jacket. I pulled the list I made at the end of last Summer of items I felt I needed, so I should be sewing a couple blouses (for a change from t-shirts), dresses, especially shirt dresses (and I don’t seem to be alone in that), and I want to try some long shorts.

  • machineandadream

    Love it all! Funny though that this is your Spring wardrobe … Here in Aussie we are heading towards Autumn/Winter and this would cover me for both … Spring – haha not so much! but hey works for me! can’t wait to see what eventuates.

  • Fooniks

    Spring for my area means that the LONG winter is finally over. Can’t wait to take my shoes out. I’ve always been more of a jeans and T kind of girl, but recently I’ve become more and more fascinated with dresses and skirts. More feminine and classy I guess. So this spring will mean that I’m making a ton of dresses, skirts and button up blouses. I’ve even picked out the fabric and figured out what kind of style I want them to be. Hopefully I can start to work on them soon. Even though real spring when we can put our winter coats away arrives in April here… *sigh*

  • AE

    I lurv those black shoes up in the lede photo. I dutifully went to your Pinterest boards and scoured them for those shoes. No luck. Please give a gal a style clue as to the what’s and where’s she might find those pups?

  • sallie

    Lovely spring wardrobe, Jen!! I’ve been thinking of combining leather and the moss mini skirt for awhile now too – I think it’s a great match!

    • Jen

      Steph and I have been texting about this for about a month now, I think it’s finally going to happen. You should definitely join in the fun/insanity!!!

  • fangaroni

    So fun, your spring wardrobe = my fall wardrobe! I like greys, dark blues, blacks for fall to winter, and then lighter colors once it starts warming up (although I probably will be wearing grey sweatshirts for many months yet as it’s still cold!). I am looking forward to making my first Archer for spring (recently made the Scout and it was very fun and easy!)

  • Nicki

    I really want to try making an Archer for spring, my first! Have a look at http://www.lottafromstockholm.co.uk/ for Hasbeen-esque clogs. I know you will have shipping to the US but still probably worth a look. I bought ‘seconds’ last year and I couldn’t actually tell what was supposed to be wrong with them. Even the full price ones are much cheaper than Hasbeens:o)


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