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It feels like I was just writing a my 2011 new years post, this year has gone by so fast. Looking back at my resolutions for sewing and grainline I did a pretty alright job and hit most things on my list. The part about taking more film photos happened until about halfway through the year when I realized my camera was broken. Anyway, no point in dwelling on the past, now is the time for looking ahead. Here are a few of my goals for 2012 in no particular order.

▲ Continue the seasonal wardrobe series building on the Autumn Wardrobe. I found that to be a really fun way for me to figure out what I wanted in my closet and map it all out easily. Of course I planned out way to much but I tried not to pressure myself too much into finishing everything. That is most likely why I found it fun! I would really like to have more things I’ve sewn in my closet so I am going to try to keep this going.

▲ Make more patterns available. I’m working on 4 right now and am almost ready to unveil the first one which is a coat. I would also really like to move beyond the digital downloads this year and get into printed patterns. Just need to do more research on that first.

▲ More tutorials and tips+tricks for sure!! I just bought myself a new digital camera with Christmas money so this should actually become a reality. I have been using Luke’s cameras up until now and honestly taking photos of the process of making something with a Canon 5d or 7d with a 50mm lens and battery pack is impossible (for me at least). It is SO HEAVY!!! I have a lot of tutorials on my hard drive that I photographed and while editing the photos I realized that the photos are too blurry to use. I am not strong enough to hold that thing steady and so often photographing these things requires one hand on the fabric, one hand on the camera.

Anyway, those are my 3 resolutions for grainline along with the fact that I also need to keep being more blog social. It can be so intimidating sometimes though, commenting on posts. Luke and I are heading out of town as soon as I schedule this post to eat cheese and chili and hit some antiques and used bookstores if they’re open in Monroe, WI. Hope you all have a Happy New Year! Are you making any sewing resolutions for the new year?

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  • Alana

    Happy New Year, Jen! I’m so excited to see everything on your list!
    P.s. I’m totally waiting for your bagged lining tutorial before I attempt it

    • jen | grainline

      Happy New Year to you too! I promise I’ll have it ready soon….trying to reshoot it this week so people can see what on earth I’m talking about!

  • molly

    I can’t wait to see your new patterns. And I agree that it is very hard sometimes to comment on other blogs, it takes a lot of effort to type out what you are thinking and hope it comes across the way you want. But I’m getting better at it, I think!

  • Elizabeth

    I enjoyed seeing your wardrobe builds and I’m very excited to see your new patterns! I’m also lousy at commenting – it’s my one resolution – to comment more frequently on the blogs that I read. Happy new year!

  • Carolyn

    I think you’ve achieved alot on your blog this last year– its definitely one of my favourites to read. Also I am churning out rolled hems thanks to your tutorial. I had never done one before I read it — but now I seem to put them on everything I can. Looking forward to the next tutorials too.

    • jen | grainline

      I’m SO happy that you’re having success with the rolled hems! That’s extra encouragement for me to get a move on my next tutorial, thanks!

  • Lavender

    We are totally thinking along the same lines! I can’t wait to see new patterns, and I promise one of yours will be the next pattern I purchase! Happy New Year, one week in 🙂


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