sweater progress!

I’ve been making some progress on my Lopi sweater.  I’m almost done with both sleeves and then it’s time to join the arms and body together and start the colorwork.  I have to admit though, I’m really nervous for that part!  I’ve never done any colorwork before and the thought of it is making me a bit queasy.  Are any of you colorwork champions and have any tips for me?  Probably tip number one is to relax, ha!

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  • Unfurled

    Definitely relax! And when you start the colorwork, float the color you're not using VERY LOOSELY behind the stitches. You might get puckering if they're tight, but it's harder than you think to make them too loose. Can't wait to see your sweater!

  • Julie

    You can totally do it!! colourwork actually feels more intuitive than you might think. just keep the tension nice and relaxed- that's the best tip for colour knitting, for me. otherwise it'll get all bunchy.

  • Katherine

    Knitting with Lopi is such fun! I made my first Lopi sweater this past winter and can't wait to wear it once fall comes around.

    I tend to knit fairly tight, so I had to constantly remind myself to knit REALLY loose. A couple places where I thought I had been leaving plenty of yarn along the back turned out to not even be loose enough. So to echo the first two comments, definitely be relaxed!

    I'm curious to know… what sorts of colors are you working with? Color combining is a lot of fun, though it took me a little while to get the right balance of dark and light contrast.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your sweater as it progresses. Happy knitting!

    • jen | grainline

      I’m doing blue, black and oatmeal. I’m a little worried that my blue and black are a bit too close in color/tone…I swear they looked different in the yarn store!


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