goings on in the studio

Over the weekend I draped up this little pattern with the intent of making 2 tops and a dress from it’s basic shape. I usually don’t drape, flat patterning is how I roll, so I decided to switch it up here.


The muslin I bought this last time is really really stiff, so I decided to test the final pattern in something a bit softer but the only thing I had laying around was some army green silk habotai. I forgot the paper I usually cut silks through at my parents when I was out there cutting a boat-load of fayne tunics so this one is a little off kilter. I didn’t bother finishing the neckline because 1 – I can’t imagine wearing a shirt I know was made of lining fabric and 2 – cutting the bias to finish the neckline + armholes without cutting through paper was KILLING me. I have a no swearing rule in my studio (not really) so I had to stop. Plus I got the idea that the top worked so I consider things done here. Tops and dress to follow shortly-ish, after I make them.

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