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Where do you buy knits and ribbing?

I’m working on a post for Monday of places I’ve found that sell ribbing, knits, and other fabrics you might want to use for a sweatshirt. I’d like to compile a great list we can all use in the future so this is where you come in. Tell me, is there somewhere you’ve found that has great ribbing or knits? Fill us in!! I’ll be posting a complete list on Monday of where I’ve found them as well as any suggestions you guys have.

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Linden Sweatshirt Inspiration

Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Basics

one | two | three | four

Today I have a little bit of Linden Sweatshirt inspiration for you guys. The great thing about this pattern (and I like to think most of my patterns) is that you can make something totally straightforward or mix things up a bit and create variations! First up are these Basics, which are essentially just using the pattern as is. The look can be classic, feminine, tomboy-ish, trendy, whatever depending on the fabrics you use.


Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Variations

one | two | three | four

If you want to mix it up a little there are plenty of ways to alter the look of the pattern with some super easy variations. Add some beading, applique, or jewels, try out some fabric pens, make the pattern up in a drapey jersey, or there’s always the ubiquitous lace overlay.

Grainline Studio | Linden Inspiration | Next Level

one | two | three | four

For those of you who are really looking to play around with a pattern there are so many ways to alter the Linden into something really unique. These are just a few examples I’ve found but really your imagination is the limit! Mixing textiles is always a really great way to increase interest in a garment, as is adding details like a zipper or buttons.

Have you guys seen any really great sweatshirt inspiration lately?

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Linden Sweatshirt View B

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt View B
Self Fabric: French Terry
Ribbing: None used
Size: Straight 6 because it needed to be photographed on my dress form. Typically I would use a 2 or 4 bust graded down to a 4 or 6 at the hip depending on the fit I wanted.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

View B of the Linden Sweatshirt is something I tried on a whim while working on the development of the pattern. I’d seen a cropped sweatshirt somewhere (probably Pinterest though I can’t remember now) and loved the way it looked on the girl wearing it. She was, of course, super crazy thin and I figured there was no way this would work on me. I had some extra fabric though and figured if I tried it and hated it it would only cost me about $5. Anyway I tried it and loved it! The trick to wearing a cropped top is to have the right proportions, this top hits around the high hip so even wearing it without a tank underneath wouldn’t reveal any skin but you still get the long leg illusion. The other thing that makes this more flattering than just cropping off the bottom is a very slight difference in the length of the front and the back, not enough to notice, but just enough that it makes the top infinitely more flattering than if the front and the back were the exact same length.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

For this version of View B of the Linden Sweatshirt I also assembled the entire thing on the serger with the exception of the neckline, where I applied a self binding using the chainstitch function of my coversitich machine. This isn’t included in the instructions but I will be covering this on the blog. It’s a great alternative for when you absolutely cannot find ribbing that matches your fabric.

I’m also undecided on doing a sew along with this pattern. I have a lot of tips on sewing with knits and finishing things like the neckline but the pattern is so simple I’m worried it will be pretty boring. Are you guys interested in a sew along or should I just move on to other things? Let me know!

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Sewn Garments

Linden Sweatshirt View A

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

Today I’m sharing more photos of my View A Linden Sweatshirt and a bit more info about the pattern. Lets start with the pattern and fabric basics.

Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt View A
Self Fabric: French Terry
Ribbing: Hacci Rib Knit
Size: Straight 6 because it needed to be photographed on my dress form. Typically I would use a 2 or 4 bust graded down to a 4 or 6 at the hip depending on the fit I wanted.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

As for construction, this version was sewn entirely on my serger with a line of stitching run around the neckline on my coverstitich machine. The pattern instructions offer tips on sewing with both a sewing machine and serger so if you don’t have a serger you’re still totally able to make this sweatshirt.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

A little bit about how I came to make this pattern… I’ve always loved the layering ability and comfort of a hoodie but it’s not exactly the most refined look. A hoodless sweatshirt is much easier to work into a variety of outfits but something about the traditional tight crewneck always left me feeling like I was wearing my high school issued gym sweatshirt. I looked all over this spring to try to find something with a more sophisticated and flattering neckline and when I couldn’t find that, I decided to draft my own.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

Apparently I wasn’t the only one looking for something like this because you guys flooded me with blog comments, emails, Instagram questions, etc. asking for this pattern. Usually I don’t publish patterns I wasn’t planning on because of comments, it’s so expensive and such hard work to get a pattern out into the world that I’ve got them planned pretty far in advance with a lot of research done, but with this one I decided to give it a try so I guess this is a bit of an experiment as well.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

I really think the Linden Sweatshirt has a lot of possibilities to be dressed up and down for any occasion depending on the fabric you use and how you style it. I’ve now worn these with my Moss skirts, jeans, over a dress, you name it! I also may have a pair of Papercut Anima pants made in this same navy terry and it’s possible that I might sometimes wear them together at home before bed. Someone has now termed this my “senior suit” which is pretty funny and damn comfortable!

Anyway I think this is a great next pattern in my quest to provide you all with classic yet modern patterns that will fit into your every day wardrobe with ease, while at the same time providing a canvas for creativity through different fabrications and variations!

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New Pattern: The Linden Sweatshirt

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

I’m so excited to release the newest Grainline Studio pattern, the Linden Sweatshirt today! I now own quite a few of these and love them all, so far they’ve been getting a lot of wear. This is a super versatile pattern and one I think will get a lot of wardrobe rotation and has a lot of variation potential as well.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

A little info on the pattern from the pattern description:

The Linden Sweatshirt gives a modern update to the classic sweatshirt. Featuring a relaxed fit, raglan sleeves, and a graceful slightly scooped neckline, this sweatshirt is perfect for fall layering. View A features long sleeves with cuffs and falls to the mid hip with a lower ribbing band while View B hits at the high hip and has short sleeves. You can also mix and match sleeve and body lengths to create multiple versions of this sweatshirt.

Techniques involved include sewing with knits, straight seams, and attaching ribbing.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

The pattern includes instructions to help you whether you’re using a serger or a sewing machine and provides tips for getting the look of a ready made garment. As usual the Linden Sweatshirt is drafted to our high standards with clear instructions that will result in a beautiful finished garment.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

At the moment the Linden Sweatshirt is only available in PDF download format due to a printing delay that pushed back the arrival of the patterns till the end of October. Rather than waiting till then to release I’ve decided to release now with the PDF and pre-orders for the printed version. Any printed Linden patterns ordered will ship after Wed October 29th. I apologize for this delay but unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do in this situation, sometimes you’ve got to just make the best of what comes your way!

Grainline Studio | Spring '14 Wardrobe | Cream Terry Sweatshirt

I originally drafted up this sweatshirt back in March, when it seemed like the weather was never going to warm up, which gave me plenty of time this summer to do a bit of tweaking and perfecting. I’ve also made the pattern up in a large variety of materials in addition to the recommended sweatshirt type materials (t-shirt jersey, stretch woven wool, activewear knit, and sweater knit) so I’ll be sharing some of those in the future along with some fun variations.

I’ll be sharing some finished sweatshirts as well as some serious sweatshirt inspiration all week so check back tomorrow for more, and in the mean time, you can pick up your Linden Sweatshirt pattern here!

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Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress View A with sleeves from the Archer Button Up
Pattern Tutorial: Archer + Alder Variation
Fabric: Carolina Gingham 1″ from Robert Kaufman
Shoes: Rachel Comey Penpals (cause someone always asks about the shoes)

I posted the tutorial on this dress last Friday but since the weather has been a bit rainy here in Chicago I only got pictures of me wearing it this weekend. Can you tell it’s really cold out in these photos? No matter how hard I try to look warm I can always tell I’m freezing cold. I think the arms smashed to my sides with my hands tucked up in the cuffs is what gives it away.

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Anyway, I’m really happy with how this dress turned out, I think the pattern and fabric are so perfect together. At first I was really bummed to cut into this amazing gingham fabric because I really wanted to make an Archer out of it but I was a half yard short on the other two plaids I intended to use for this. Now that it’s done and I’ve worn it I’m really glad I chopped it up into this Alder Archer combo, the fabric is pretty much the perfect weight and stiffness for a dress like this. I always find myself getting obsessed with certain fabrics and wishing I had a zillion yards of each. This is kind of one of those.

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

I’ve seen a few people posting funny outtakes though recently and thought I’d get into the fun, this is just one of the many blurry photos where I just couldn’t stand still. I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this dress over the fall and winter, I can see it being pretty good for layering with other fall garments so I’m excited about that prospect.

One last thing, lately I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to write when I do these finished garment posts. Besides pattern name and fabric, is there anything in particular you like to know about a garment in a post like this? I’ve got a lot of them coming up so I’m going to need to get this figured out, definitely a bit rusty! I used to do these all the time and it was so much easier. Maybe I just need to get back into it and it’ll come to me.

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Alder Sew Along  |  Archer Sew Along

Archer + Alder Variation

Grainline Studio | Archer + Alder Variation

Today I have for you the long awaited Archer + Alder variation! I was hoping to get some photos of it on but the weather here in Chicago has not been cooperating at all so here we have it on a form in the studio. Modeled photos to come but for now, click below to see view the tutorial! Please note, all of the photos in this tutorial can be clicked on for a larger view if needed. Continue reading

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Archer & Scout Now in Print

Grainline Studio | Archer & Scout Now in Print

Hey there, just a quick note to let you know that the Archer & Scout are now in print in the shop! You can find the Archer here and the Scout here. I’m still packing everything up so any orders placed will begin shipping in the next few days. If you pre-ordered your patterns will be going out tomorrow.

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Alder Sew Along

Alder V-Neck Variation

Alder V-Neck Variation

Today I’ll be showing you how to convert the neckline of the Alder Shirtdress from a collared button up in to a collarless v-neck. For this variation you can disregard the pattern pieces for the upper collar, under collar, and collar stand.

Alder V-Neck Variation

This is another image heavy post since I’m doing the pattern alteration and sewing instructions in one post. Click the link below to view the instructions!

Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along  |  Sewing Tutorials

French Seams on Right Angles

Grainline Studio | French Seams on 90 Degree Angles

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work French seams on the waistline seam of the Alder Shirtdress. Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make this happen. This tutorial assumes that you already know how to make French seams so if you need a refresher you can check out our tutorials here and here. As always, if you have any questions just leave me a note in the comments below. Continue reading

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