Kendra’s Fall ’15 Wardrobe Inspiration

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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So far, this summer has been one for the books. It started with an unforgettable trip to California, much love to my otter, seal, whale, and people buddies on the central coast plus I just got married on the 22nd! As much as I’ve loved all of the excitement and adventure of the last few months, it’s been a little slow-going in terms of makes. So, as the weather and my schedule start to cool down a bit, I feel like I can really focus more on my handmade wardrobe. For fall, I’m trying to be better about picking fabrics and yarns in colors and textures that fit into my current wardrobe. For some reason, when I see fabrics in yardage, I have this bad habit of geeking out, buying yards of fabric for a project that I love but won’t end up actually wearing. Lately, I have been trying to ask myself when fabric shopping, “Can you pair this with at least three garments in your current wardrobe?” So far, that’s definitely helped me see my wardrobe a little more objectively. For example: doing that has made me realize that I don’t really wear a lot of prints. I love them and have a couple items in my current wardrobe that I wear every once and a while, but for the most part I’m a plaid, stripe, and solid fabric type of girl. The goal for my Fall 2015 wardrobe is to create workhorse pieces, pieces I’ll wear over and over again, with a dabbling of fun, more statement like pieces.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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Being in the studio so often, I’ve noticed myself wearing a lot of tees. I love a good t-shirt with subtle detail and I’m really picky about fit. As an example, I love the detail on the white tee pictured on my first board as well as the classic striped boat neck ¾ length tee, like the ones pictured on my second inspiration board. In terms of taste in garments, Jen & I are about as copacetic as it gets, with the exception of one fall staple: cardigans. Jen hates most cardigans, whereas I tend to love them. I have one in a super pretty beige that I totally wore to pieces. So this fall, I want to replace that baby with a new hand knit version in one of my all-time favorite colors: rusty red. Does it get any better than that for fall? I also love this cozy, giant beauty of a jacket/cardigan from Wool and the Gang. So, that definitely needs to find its way into my fall wardrobe. As far as a real coat for those chilly Chicago days, it’s got to be a Cascade and I’m totally inspired by the one pictured below. Also seeing myself in a Linden with snaps up the back and drafting something like this sweet little plaid cape, also pictured below.

Kendra's Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I am also in major need of a new everyday bag. As I’m sure you’ve picked up on by now, when I love something, I wear it until it’s so ratty it would be inappropriate to wear out of the house. My current tote is at that point, so I’m dreaming of what the next one will be, there are also a couple other goodies thrown onto these inspiration boards that are a little less practical but so much fun to plan my outfits with even if they don’t make it into real life. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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Fall ’15 Wardrobe Inspiration

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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After taking spring off it’s time once again for some wardrobe inspiration! I really missed pulling this segment together, but this past spring and summer held so many changes and new project beginnings business wise, that there just wasn’t time. Now that we’re caught up on a few things I’m excited to get back to some wardrobe planning in earnest, so let’s get to it! (P.S. There’s more where this came from on my F/W ’15 Wardrobe Inspiration Pinterest board!)

I’ve been seeing these quilted denim and cotton jackets around a lot over the past few months, well when I say “a lot” I mean, I’ve seen 4 of them on Pinterest. Anyway, I’m obsessed and I have got to make one of these! I’m currently torn between a colored version like the two above, or denim, like the original two jackets I found. I do think it will be on the longer side though whichever route I go.

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I’ve got about 6 bazillion Archers planned this fall. I want to do a few standard versions straight from the pattern, but I’d also love to mix it up a bit. I love the longer shirttails on this one above. I’m also really interested in layering shells and would love to make a few of those in both silk and some really lightweight wool flannel I have.

Of course, I also have clogs on the brain and will probably be ordering a new pair soon. My other clogs have sadly bitten the dust. I have this horrible habit of balancing on the back of the heel while working and it causes the heels to expel wood shavings. I’ve killed many a pair this way. Oh, and that ring? Wishful thinking!

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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Of course, who doesn’t need another sweater. I live in button down shirts and oversized sweaters all fall and winter long so I’ll be adding another one to the sweater shelf this winter. I got a head start this summer with the #fancykelbournestudioKAL Lucinda which was really nice, and one more is on the way as soon as I wind the skeins! I wear a lot of skirts & tights with said button ups and sweaters during the cooler months and I’d really like to try my hand at sewing a leather skirt. I haven’t done too much leather work but it’s an interesting challenge I’d like to try.

The backpack is something I just started thinking about this past weekend. On a whim this past weekend I bought a ticket to Berlin to stay with Jon while he’s between his London & Milan shows next month. I like the idea of a backpack for this trip since we really want to rent bikes, something we wanted to do last summer but didn’t have time. I most likely won’t have time to make one, so this may be a purchase, but ever since doing the Portside I’ve wanted to do another bag. They’re so much fun to design!

Fall '15 Wardrobe Inspiration | Grainline Studio

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I’ll be stocking up on layering tees this fall for sure. I got so tired of years of not being able to find a slim cut tee that just grazed the body instead of clinging tightly that also had sleeves narrow enough that I didn’t need to jam them down into my button down, sweater, or blazer that I took matters into my own hands. I have my perfect pattern and I’ve already started using it!

This last winter my one and only cardigan (that isn’t a jacket-cardigan) wore through and became threadbare and I’m not totally sure what to do about it. Part of me wants to knit a fingering weight cardigan because I have a serious tendency to lean towards the tedious, but the other part of me knows that might be crazy. I still like the idea though…going to ponder this one for a while.

Stay tuned for Kendra’s F/W ’15 inspiration and we’re also going to be doing small capsule wardrobes based on our inspirations which we’re both super pumped for! What are you guys digging this fall style wise?

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#FancyKelbourneStudioKAL Wrapup!

Lucinda Sweater | Grainline Studio

Well summer is drawing to a close and so has the Lucinda Knit Along we were hosting along with our friends at Fancy Tiger and Kelbourne Woolens. I’m completely in love with my Lucinda, Carrie of Madder designed such a beautiful and wearable sweater and paired with this sweater it’s a dream. If you guys haven’t knit with Acadia, it’s got such a good drape and depth of color. I’m ready for fall temps right now please!

Since we’ve wrapped up our Lucindas and the #fancykelbournestudioKAL has drawn to a close it’s time to announce our winners! It was so hard to choose because everyone had such stellar photos and sweaters.

Best Vacation Photo:

Lucinda KAL | Grainline Studio

We loved the tones of this beach pic by Megan Macdonald of saltairarts. I wish I was sitting there right now!

Best Modification:

Lucinda KAL | Grainline Studio

Not only did Ericka of ebbandsew knit hers with stripes, she also made quite a few adjustments including knitting the sweater seamed, flipping the wrong side to the right, adjusting the neckline and most amazing to me ALL of her stripes match. Seriously she is made of magic!

Best FO Shot:

Lucinda KAL | Grainline Studio

This category was maybe the hardest because everyone’s sweaters turned out so beautifully. In the end and after much deliberation we chose Denise of denny_dawesome. Not only is this FO shot super cute, but can you believe this is her first sweater? I’m so proud we inspired someone to knit their first sweater for this knit-along! Way to go Denise, hope this is the first of many!

I’m so glad we started this knit along on a whim, it was such a fun way to knit through summer. I’m a big advocate for the summer sweater because come fall you’ve got yourself something new and the Lucinda was the perfect sweater for the job!

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Grainline Studio at Nutmeg in Nashville!

Grainline Studio at Nutmeg!

Just wanted to give you guys an early heads up that I’ll be in Nashville, TN this fall teaching the Morris Blazer at Nutmeg! The class is on November 1st and runs from 10:30am – 5:30 pm. Meg has been one of our stockists since she opened her shop and it’s been so fun to watch her grow. I’m really excited to visit, I’ve actually never been to Nashville! If you’re interested in the class, you can find the details and register here. 

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Matching Plaids on Sew Mama Sew

Matching Plaids on Sew Mama Sew | Grainline Studio

We’re over on Sew Mama Sew today talking about matching plaids as part of their Super Online Sewing Match II, just in time for plaid season! We’ve run a lot of tips and tricks type posts on plaid here but this post combines all of those and adds a few more.The contestants are currently busy sewing up Cascade Coats for the final challenge which we can’t wait to see, so head over to check our our guest post and the rest of this amazing competition!

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Pre-Fall Knitting

Grainline Studio | Hat Queue

I’ve been looking for some small projects perfect for fall to work on before the yarn for my next sweater arrives as well as for those times when I’m tired of working on my sweater or need a more portable project. I’m currently working on another pair of BFF socks, without cables this time, but I really want to get another hat in before hat season starts! I wear hats all fall, winter, and most of spring so I like to have an assortment. The best thing about hats is they’re not just useful; they’re also a fun project that lets you try out new techniques and designers.

1. Diode by Erica-Knits: I ordered yarn for this project and plan to start it as soon as I finish my socks. I’ve been wanting to knit this one for a long time but most of my hats end up being made from the remains of extra sweater yarn and I don’t have a lot of fingering weight sweater extras (none) laying around. This hat features bobbles and a really nice looking folded brim (hello warm ears!) so I feel like it’s going to be a really fun knit!

2. Roku by Olga Buraya-Kefelian: This hat I actually knit two of, but want to knit one for Jon now. I haven’t blogged about it – I don’t think – but you can see my thoughts on it here. Spoiler alert: I love it. It’s simple, the pattern is really clean and well written, and the decreases at the crown are really beautiful and well thought out. Also it fits great.

3. Skiff by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed: I have a lot of Shelter laying around leftover from my various BT sweaters. I think this one will be knit in the leftovers from my Bellows Cardigan. I always love a folded brim hat, especially with the last few winters we’ve been having, so I think this is going to be a good one!

4. Anstruther Hat by Erica-Knits: Another one by Erica, I’m imagining this one in grey & white with a contrast color. I haven’t really done much colorwork besides the yoke of my Icelandic Sweater but since I have a few sweaters in my queue I’d like to eventually make that feature colorwork I thought a hat was a good starting point!

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Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell | Kelli of True Bias

Sew & Tell Kelli of True Bias | Grainline Studio

Sew & Tell Kelli of True Bias | Grainline Studio

We are big fans of Kelli, so when we saw these great Lakeside Pajamas she sewed up a while back, we knew we wanted to feature them on the Grainline blog. We love her choice of contrasting bias binding and the fabric is definitely a win. One question we wished we had asked was – “How do we get hair like that?”

Name   Kelli Ward

Where can we find you online?   True Bias

Link to your post about this project   Gleeful Lakeside Pajamas

Which pattern did you use?   Lakeside Pajamas

What type of fabric or other materials did you use?

I used cotton voile from Art Gallery’s Gleeful line by Sew Caroline to make these pjs. The voile is dark enough to not be see through and yet still silky and lightweight. I used some green packaged bias tape for the edging although I wish that I had taken the extra time to make my own or spent the money on silk binding as the packaged stuff is a bit scratchy.

Sew & Tell Kelli of True Bias | Grainline Studio

Tell us about your project!

I have been wanting to make these pjs for a long time and I am super glad that I finally did. NYC summers are super muggy and we don’t have central air so sleeping in these lightweight pajamas make it a bit more bearable.

I love the details of all of the binding on this pattern, so I decided to accentuate it by using a contrasting bias tape. I love the way that it turned out.

Like all of Jen’s patterns, this one is great. The fit was spot on and the whole thing came together seamlessly. She has a really clever way of attaching the bias tape and sewing the shorts together which I loved.

If I can convince myself to spend an evening making a whole bunch of bias tape then I think that a new pair are in my near future.

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A Hemlock Tee Update

A Hemlock Tee Update | Grainline Studio

I’ve got a mini-update regarding the Hemlock Tee for you today. The pattern is still one size but we’ve updated it to include illustrated instructions as well as a US/A0 copy shop pattern page. The pattern is now available as an exclusive for our Newsletter subscribers so if you’re already a subscriber you’ll be getting a download link for it this afternoon. If you’re not currently a subscriber you’ll need to sign up to gain access. You can do this at any time as the pattern will be delivered to you in a welcome email after you subscribe.

A Hemlock Tee Update | Grainline Studio

We’re also revamping our newsletter which previously was a bit neglected. Every month from here on out we’ll be sending you an email filled with our most popular tips, tricks, tutorials, and posts. You’ll be the first to know about new pattern releases, products, and workshops. Enjoy exclusive content like access to our perpetually popular Hemlock Tee and a few other tricks we’ve got up our sleeves in the coming months. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned that Kendra and I are both really excited about so if you’re interested you can sign up below or in our sidebar!

A Hemlock Tee Update | Grainline Studio

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Sewn Garments

Blue Lace Watson

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio
Garment Details
Pattern | Watson Bra
Lace | Lace Fabrics Etsy
Bra Findings | Blackbird Fabrics
Bra Strapping | Blackbird Fabrics

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

A few weeks ago it was boiling hot outside and I was trying to figure out what to wear to stand outside in the sun all day at a music fest here in Chicago. I ended up making this silk/rayon shirt but being as it was a bit sheer, I wanted something underneath it that said “yes, I know my shirt is semi-sheer” and not the opposite. Enter the long line version of the Watson Bra.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

This is actually the second Watson I’ve made. The first was from a kit from Blackbird and although the bra turned out beautifully and it’s comfortable, I kind of hate the way it looks on me. I think the proportion of the cups hits a bit high on me and it isn’t balanced out with the shorter band. It’s just a personal preference based on what I’m used to wearing, but it’s enough that I don’t grab it from my drawer very often. While I may not be totally enthralled with the short version on myself I really love the long version!


Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

If you’ve never made a bra before the Watson is a great place to start. Amy has all the information you could possibly need to make a great looking finished garment, down to the stitch lengths and widths for each separate piece of elastic.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

I also recommend grabbing a kit if you’re new to bra making since there are so many small pieces you need to collect. I started with one of Blackbird’s full kits for my first bra, and since I’m kind of busy and don’t have a ton of time, nor the desire, to trawl websites looking for matching components, I ordered a findings kit and strapping from Caroline for this one as well. The lace I ordered from Etsy, just searched “stretch lace” and this came up in a color I liked. It’s definitely not the highest of quality, but it’s cute and it got the job done. Since I didn’t do a muslin for this pattern I didn’t want to spend a lot on lace in case it didn’t work out.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

As I mentioned above, it’s super comfy to wear. I was worried because I’d never worn a long line bra before but I found it actually a bit more comfortable than other standard length bralette style bras. I measured according to Amy’s instructions and went off her sizing chart and I found the sizing ran pretty true to size for me which felt good since I was diving right into actual fabric. As far as how supportive it is, I don’t really know. I’m not one who typically needs too much of that stuff. I’m a pretty solid b and it worked out great for me.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

I have a feeling at least one more of these will be entering my wardrobe before fall, and I’d also like to try another short version where I adjust the proportions of the cups a bit to not sit quite so high. I have a feeling that just a bit shorter on them and I’ll be loving it.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

There are so many bra patterns out there right now, it’s really exciting. I currently have all the supplies for the Marlborough, I just need to find time to make it happen. Have you guys tried bra-making? What patterns have you tried? Any great places to find fabrics? Spill it!

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Flat Bias Faced Necklines

Flat Bias Facings | Grainline Studio

As summer enters it’s hot and humid phase I’ve noticed a lot of people searching the blog for our most popular tutorial, Getting Flat Bias Necklines. This tutorial works well for anything you’re using a bias facing on, not just necklines. So if you’re in a tank and tee frenzy like we are over here, this tutorial is a must see!

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