Willow Tank & Dress Sew-Along

Pattern: Willow Tank & Dress

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Difficulty: Beginner

Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Willow Tank & Dress! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Willow, how to sew bust darts, create the waist pleat, apply bias facings at the neckline and armholes, and hem.

Need inspiration? Browse our Willow Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Willow Sew-Along Posts

1. Pattern Introduction

Get the details on the fit and style of the Willow pattern and learn more about why we designed this versatile summer top and dress.

2. Swatches & Inspiration

Not sure what fabric to use for your Willow? Check out our style inspiration and see what kind of fabrics we recommend.

3. Gathering Supplies

We walk you through our favorite tools and supplies for completing your Willow with ease.

4. Pattern Adjustments & Cutting

Need help adjusting the length, moving your darts, or doing a small or full bust adjustment? We’ve got you covered in this post. We also walk you through cutting your fabric.

5. Darts, Side & Shoulder Seams

Get perfect darts and sew your side and shoulder seams. After this step you’re practically done!

6. Dress Waist Pleat

Sewing the waist pleat might seem awkward, but we’ve got a few tricks to get you through this step pain free.

7. Applying Bias Facings

Finishing the neckline and armholes with bias facings can be tedious and stressful. Here we walk you through our foolproof process with tips to ensure a perfect finish every time.

8. Hemming

Just about to the finish line! Hems for both View A and View B are shown here.

Willow Pattern Variations & Extras

Variation 01: Cropped Willow

We show you how to adjust your pattern pieces to create your own cropped Willow!

Variation 02: Split-Hem Willow

Create a split hem on your Willow with our super easy tutorial!

Willow Tank Variation 03: Gathered Waist Dress

Variation 03: Gathered Waist Willow Dress

We show you how to adjust your Willow Tank Pattern pieces and draft a skirt to create this gathered waist Willow Dress.