• 2016 in Review: Textile Tutorials

    One of our most fun adventures in the studio in 2016 was creating, On the Surface, our textile tutorial series. There are so many techniques that you can use to customize your fabric at home. Stay tuned because there are more coming in 2017! original post The first tutorial we put together was potato stamping. The [...] Continue Reading
  • 2016 in Review: Pattern Variations

    There are hundreds of pattern variation tutorials that we would love to post! There is so much potential for each pattern. We love doing pattern variations because so many ideas come from you! It’s really fun to brainstorm with our community. In 2016 we came up with several. We only wish we could have done [...] Continue Reading
  • 2016 in Review: Pattern Releases

    This has been a really exciting and rewarding year for us. We worked together, combining our talents and released four new patterns. Releasing patterns is such a fun and creative process. For the most part! After the drafting and testing part is done we come up with a name for the pattern. We brainstorm for […]

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  • 2014 in Review

    2014 has been a pretty crazy year over here. So many new things have happened so here’s a little look back at this past year. One major thing that happened this year was that I moved out of my living room and into a dedicated Grainline Studio studio! It’s been amazing for my productivity to be […]

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  • 2013 Plans and Schemes

    So it’s time for my goals for 2013 post. I like to call them goals rather than resolutions, something to work towards achieving rather than something you make yourself do, at least that’s how it seems to me. I’m pretty happy with my 2012 progress, I accomplished all the goals on my list for 2012 […]

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  • 2012 Recap | Patterns

    This year, in addition to upgrading the sizing on the Tiny Pocket Tank and Scout Woven Tee I released these two patterns, the Maritime Shorts and the Moss Skirt. Both bottoms, both starting with M. I’ve made a lot of each pattern, well I think 3 Maritime Shorts and 4 Moss Skirts and wear them […]

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