• Some of Our Favorite Lindens

    Lately in the studio, we have been reminiscing about old Lindens we have made and talking about just how much use we have gotten out of our different versions. I thought today I would talk a bit about a few pervious Lindens that have been posted to the blog. I wanted to feature specific examples that […]

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  • Cutting Fabric Folded vs. Flat

    I was cutting out this sweatshirt over the weekend and ended up trying a few different layouts before I settled on the one that worked. I thought I would show the difference in yardage needed to cut this pattern with the fabric folded vs. the fabric flat. Home sewing patterns have you cut your pieces […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Long Sleeved Scout Variation

    Okay, are you all ready for the tutorial portion of this variation? Here we go! Crazy patterned tights are optional, you will need the Scout Tee pattern however. Figure 01 | Begin by tracing off your sleeve pattern. Draw a line from the center of the shoulder down the length you’d like your sleeve to […]

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  • Tips + Tricks | Chaining (It’s a Video!)

    threadchain from Grainline Studio on Vimeo. I am super excited to post my first ever video tutorial and for my all time favorite sewing technique, chaining! Seriously I am obsessed with chaining, I will chain anything and everything I can. If you're a quilter, you might already do this, but if not this you may [...] Continue Reading
  • Sewing Tutorial | Zippers with Free Hanging Overlays

    Floaty chiffon style skirts are pretty popular right now, they’re incredibly easy to make and fun to wear, but it can sometimes be strange when that flowing top layer is jammed into a zipper on one side. This is the technique I used on my Cobalt Chiffon Skirt, a technique I first learned at work. […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Maritime Shorts Variation

    I’m almost ready to post the sewing tutorial for the Maritime Shorts but I figured I should post this pattern tutorial before I do the sewing tutorial since I’ll be showing you how to sew the both the original version and this modified variation with a curved side hem (shown here).  Here goes…the curved hem […]

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