• Madewell Scout Variation: Pattern Tutorial

    As promised, here is the first tutorial in making the Scout Tee Madewell variation. I broke this down into two sections because it was getting pretty long as one post. For this variation tutorial you will need the following things... Scout Tee Pattern Rulers (straight and curved) Pencil Paper You can click the below images [...] Continue Reading
  • Sewing Tutorial | Quick & Easy Plaid Matching

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about plaid matching since the release of the Archer Button Up Shirt and especially now with Archer Appreciation Month. Today I’m going to show you a really easy quick way to make sure your plaids match up. Personally I’m of the camp where I don’t worry too much about […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | Lakeside Pajama Shorts Binding

    I thought I’d share a little tutorial on applying the bias binding to the shorts of the Lakeside Pajamas. The rest of the sewing is pretty straightforward but this part can get a little tricky due to the binding of the side seams. We’ll be starting with step 9 in the Lakeside Pajama instructions. Step […]

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  • Knit Scout Tutorial

    Are you guys ready for the knit Scout Tee instructions? I’ve made this tutorial using a serger for a majority of the construction but if you don’t have one, or just don’t prefer to use one, you can use a regular machine. If you are using a sewing machine rather than a serger, my recommendation […]

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  • Grainline Studio x Britex | Hemlock Tissue Tee Tutorial

    Have you downloaded your Hemlock Tee pattern yet? If not, head over here and grab it, if you have get ready, we’re going to sew it up really quick here. I used a serger for these tops, I think they work better with the tissue knits than a sewing machine does, but if you don’t […]

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  • Sewing Tutorials | Patching Lace

    I’ve noticed a lot of interest in sewing with lace around the internet lately and there seems to be a bit of trepidation in working with it. Lace can be intimidating – it’s usually more expensive than other fabrics, especially as you get into high quality lace – which can cause a bit of stress during the […]

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