• General Supplies for the Felix Dress | Grainline Studio Felix Sew-Along: Gathering Supplies

    Today I'm going to talk a bit about the general supplies you'll need for your Felix Dress. I had originally planned a fabric inspiration post to go live today but after reviewing the assorted fabric questions in our inboxes this weekend I've pulled it for Wednesday in order to add some more specific fabric comparisons [...] Continue Reading
  • Farrow Sew-Along: Pattern Adjustments

    Today I have a few specific fit adjustments for you - lengthening and shortening the Farrow Dress pattern, a full bust adjustment, and blending between sizes. Lets start with the easiest first, blending between sizes. In the above example we're blending between a size 6 at the bust and a size 8 at the hip. You'll [...] Continue Reading
  • Farrow Sew-Along: Gathering Supplies

    We had such a good reaction to our Tamarack supply post that we're now going to be doing one for each of our new patterns. I love when something is both fun to put together and really helpful for you! Below you'll find a list of everything we used to create our Farrow Dresses. If [...] Continue Reading
  • Farrow Sew-Along Schedule

    It’s time to get your fabric and supplies together because the Farrow Sew-Along is almost here! We’ll get started with our first posts Thursday of next week and continue throughout the month of December ending before the holidays. We’ll be breaking it down into small steps you can accomplish after work or easily catch up […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 04

    In today’s installment of the Willow Sew-Along we’ll be binding our neckline and armhole edges. This is probably the most “difficult” part of the Willow, but if you take it one step at a time, it’s no trouble at all! I’ll be showing you how to bind the neckline in this post, but the armholes […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 03

    Today we’ll be attaching the skirt to the bodice for the dress version of the Willow. If you’re making the tank, you can skip today! Begin by sewing the side seams of your skirt pieces. Finish the seam allowances as desired and press them to the back of the garment. Now we’ll sew the first […]

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