• Scout Tee Modification 07: Tulip Back | Grainline Studio Scout Tee Modification 07: Split Back

    We established our love for split back tops back in 2013 when we released our Lakeside Pajama set, but for some reason we've never transferred that design detail over to any of our other patterns until now! This is a fairly simple pattern modification that slightly alters the shape of the final garment, the A-line [...] Continue Reading
  • Scout Tee Modification 06: Cuffed Elbow Length Sleeves Scout Tee Modification 06: Cuffed Elbow Length Sleeves

    The simplicity of the Scout Tee makes it a wonderful canvas for creativity, and it's why we're so excited to be featuring it all month long. We previously wrote about the measurements you'll want to take, full bust adjustments, and how important muslins can be on the path to a successful garment. Now, that we [...] Continue Reading
  • Make a Cropped Scout this Summer! | Grainline Studio Make a Cropped Scout this Summer!

    I was cleaning out an old hard drive recently and found these images of the original Scout Tee. Did you know it was cropped originally!? I lengthened it for the sewing pattern but with all the high waisted skirts and pants happening right now I thought now would be a fun time to show you [...] Continue Reading
  • Holiday Gift Guide | For a garment sewer

    It’s time to get cozy with our families, friends and pets and celebrate the holidays!  The season we love for cookies, parties and gift giving! Gift giving can be stressful because if you are like me, and the rest of the crew here you want to give your loved ones something useful and yet meaningful. […]

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  • On the Surface | Natural Dyeing

    We are fastly approaching the end of summer! There are only a few weeks left. That is not going to stop us from doing some summery themed natural dyeing. Today we are going to be showing you how we made this perfect dusty rosé naturally dyed Scout Tee using avocado pits. It sews up beautifully [...] Continue Reading
  • Madewell Scout Variation: Sewing Tutorial

    Alright, here we go with the sewing portion of the Madewell Scout Variation. If you missed the pattern tutorial you can find it here. For this tutorial you'll need the following supplies... Scout Tee pattern altered using the tutorial found here Fabric - I used Robert Kauffman's 6.5oz Indigo Denim Scissors, thread, pins, sewing machine...you [...] Continue Reading