• Handmade Everyday: My Four Winds Quilt

    We talk a lot about handmade wardrobes over here since we’re in the wardrobe business, but we also love having handmade items in our home as well, so I thought I’d share my recently finished Four Winds Quilt on the blog today. After we moved and went from a full to queen sized bed our […]

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  • Our Extracurriculars

    Lately we have been wanting to share with you some of the projects we work on outside of the studio. We are all creatives here and are always working on something cool! I am going to start by sharing this quilt I designed and made with my Mom. She is a fiber artist as well […]

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  • 2015 Pattern Recap: Tamarack Jacket

    Shortly after the release of the Lark Tee, Jen and I started working on some personal pieces. Jen had an idea for a quilted jacket and as soon as she started drafting it, we were both in love. The construction was pretty simple and it was really fun to make something using quilting techniques. As […]

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  • Quilting Tips for the Tamarack Jacket

    I know a lot of you are mainly garment sewers and not quilters so I wanted to take a minute and talk a little bit about a few basic quilting techniques you might find useful if you're making a Tamarack Jacket, as well as a few alternative quilting options. You don't need a ton of [...] Continue Reading
  • Laying out the Catnap Quilt

    Lately I’ve been very busy working on things that are, as of yet, unbloggable, but I’m trying this new thing where I take at least one day off during the weekend to work on something totally unrelated to business. Over the past two weekends I’ve started working on my Catnap Quilt! I ordered a full […]

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  • Cozy Up

    cabin / teapot / pillows / quilt / teacup / log basket We’ve been stuck in a bit of a cold spell (breaking today!) here in Chicago and I’ve been doing a bit of curling up and tea drinking with Roamy. I want to start sharing some mood/inspiration boards for things that inspire both my […]

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