• Madewell Scout Variation: Pattern Tutorial

    As promised, here is the first tutorial in making the Scout Tee Madewell variation. I broke this down into two sections because it was getting pretty long as one post. For this variation tutorial you will need the following things... Scout Tee Pattern Rulers (straight and curved) Pencil Paper You can click the below images [...] Continue Reading
  • Grainline Studio on Marketplace

    I’m so excited to share this news, I was interviewed for Marketplace a bit back and my piece aired yesterday! I was totally nervous to see what made the cut into the final interview, the interview I did down at WBEZ was about a half hour long. It was really strange, sitting in a little […]

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  • Autumn Wardrobe | Northwoods Toggle Coat

    Another year another new winter coat right? This coat has been a long time in the making. I designed the coat quite a while ago but started on it last winter when I made the pattern, got it cut out and attached the Thinsulate interlining to the body. Then I stalled out…hard. It was SO […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Adding Lining to an Unlined Blazer

    You may know that I am planning a polka dot blazer this summer and in deciding what sort of blazer I wanted to make I went to three places… My closet to see what types of blazers I have that I wear a lot, the internet to see what sort of blazers are out there […]

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  • goings on in the studio

    Over the weekend I draped up this little pattern with the intent of making 2 tops and a dress from it’s basic shape. I usually don’t drape, flat patterning is how I roll, so I decided to switch it up here.   The muslin I bought this last time is really really stiff, so I […]

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