• Scout Tee Full Bust Adjustment

    Welcome to the first post in our Scout Tee September series! Before we begin sharing pattern variations, we wanted to make sure you have a solid starting point - a well-fitting Scout Tee. Today's post is all about muslins and the steps you'll need to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) for this top. Our [...] Continue Reading
  • How to Line the Farrow Dress Pt. 2: Sewing Instructions

    Today I'll be walking you through assembling the lining pieces of your Farrow Dress. If you missed our previous post on how to draft the lining pieces, you can find that here. To begin, assemble the main (or self) fabric of  your Farrow according to the instructions through Step 8. Stop here and set the [...] Continue Reading
  • Morris Sew-Along: Adjustments

    Today as requested I have a few specific fit adjustments for you – lengthening and shortening the pattern, and a full bust adjustment. First up is lengthening and shortening the blazer. I’ll be showing the back here, but the same method applies to any piece in the pattern. 1. Start by locating the pattern piece you […]

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