• Tamarack Jacket in Print

    I’m excited to let you guys know that as of today the Tamarack Jacket is now available in print, and it’s been updated to include a snap (or button if you’re into that) placket! We originally released this pattern last fall but the response was overwhelming in favor of printing this one, as well as adding […]

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  • Introducing the Tamarack Jacket

    I think some of you may have had an idea that this was coming, but today we're excited to unveil the newest Grainline Studio pattern, the Tamarack Jacket! I'm personally really excited about this jacket - I wore the version with wool batting nonstop when I was in Berlin and loved it, and this past week [...] Continue Reading
  • Autumn Wardrobe | Northwoods Toggle Coat

    Another year another new winter coat right? This coat has been a long time in the making. I designed the coat quite a while ago but started on it last winter when I made the pattern, got it cut out and attached the Thinsulate interlining to the body. Then I stalled out…hard. It was SO […]

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  • Pattern Tutorial | Adding Lining to an Unlined Blazer

    You may know that I am planning a polka dot blazer this summer and in deciding what sort of blazer I wanted to make I went to three places… My closet to see what types of blazers I have that I wear a lot, the internet to see what sort of blazers are out there […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | How to Bag a Jacket Lining

    Here it is, my tutorial on how to line a jacket using the ‘bagged’ method. This jacket lining method gives the most professional results, requires the least amount of hand sewing and is also the quickest. A triple win in my opinion! If you look through your closet, you’ll find that almost every jacket you […]

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  • vintage alterations

      Shortly before my sewing machine broke I agreed to do some alterations for a friend on two of her vintage pieces.  One, the Suzy Perette dress, is turning out beautifully.  The amazing suede jacket in the first photo is being a serious pain in the ass.  Someone had the gall to do a really […]

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