• Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top | Grainline Studio Hadley Modification 01: Wrap Top

    Today we're going to teach you how you can modify the pattern pieces of the Hadley Top View B in order to turn it into a wrap top! This modification retains the drapey, fluid style of the original pattern while also providing a slightly closer fit. This is a fairly straightforward modification. You will modify [...] Continue Reading
  • Four Ways of Styling A Denim Moss Skirt | Grainline Studio Four Ways To Style a Denim Moss Skirt

    Earlier this week, we shared a few pictures of our recently refashioned Moss Skirt and talked a little bit about the process of refashioning. We didn't put a lot of pictures in that post, because we knew today was going to be picture heavy. Over time, we've learned that the patterns we wear the most [...] Continue Reading
  • Using Thread Chains To Keep Bra Straps In Place | Grainline Studio Using Thread Chains To Keep Bra Straps In Place

    A few years ago we talked about our love of thread chains in the studio and how useful they are when you want to keep two layers of fabric together loosely. Today we'll show you how we use thread chains to keep bra straps in place under sleeveless garments like our Alder Shirtdress, Hadley Top, Farrow [...] Continue Reading
  • Hadley Sew-Along: Pattern Adjustments

    Today we're going to talk about a few common pattern adjustments you might find helpful in making your Hadley Top. Below you'll find instructions for lengthening and shortening your Hadley, how to blend between sizes, moving the dart, and completing a full bust adjustment. Let's start with the easiest first, blending between sizes. Blending Between [...] Continue Reading
  • A few times you may have seen our new pattern on Instagram! Introducing the Hadley Top

    Today I'm so excited to introduce our newest pattern, the Hadley Top! When we started out working on this pattern we wanted to design a simple, elegant top that was extremely versatile. Something that would look equally good in a bold statement print or a gorgeous linen. The top should be wearable in all seasons [...] Continue Reading