• Hadley Sew-Along: Applying Interfacing | Grainline Studio Hadley Sew-Along: Applying Interfacing

    We always get questions about applying fusible interfacing so I wanted to add a photo illustration in addition to the information labeled on the pattern pieces and in the Cutting Layout section of your booklet. Hopefully this, and the rest of the information below, will help to demystify the interfacing process a bit. For View [...] Continue Reading
  • Selecting Interfacing

    I’ve gotten a few questions about how to select interfacing for the upcoming Alder Sew-Along so I wanted to take a minute and direct you to two older posts I’ve made on interfacing. This first post, Selecting and Applying Interfacing, talks heavily about using silk as the self fabric but the same premise applies for any […]

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  • Fusible Interfacing for Coating

    After my last post, Tips for Choosing and Working with Wool Coating, I got a ton of questions about what fusible I prefer for a project like this. Unfortunately I also got really sick at the same time so apologies for not replying to comments and only answering you guys now. I wrote a few […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 3 | Selecting and Applying Interfacing

    Today we’re going to talk about interfacing your Archer shirt, mostly about selecting your interfacing since the actual fusing / insertion is pretty straightforward. I talked a little about choosing a fusible in this post here, but basically you want to select one with a weight similar to that of your self fabric. I know a […]

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  • My Favorite Fusibles

    Riveting Monday morning information you guys, I hope you’ve had your morning caffeine so you don’t zzzz out on this post. I actually just passed out while writing it so there’ll be no hard feelings if you do. I wanted to take a moment to share with you my two favorite fusible interfacings. I’ve tested […]

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  • tips + tricks | delicate necklines

    <img src="https://grainlinestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/delicatenecklines.jpg"

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