• Using Thread Chains To Keep Bra Straps In Place | Grainline Studio Using Thread Chains To Keep Bra Straps In Place

    A few years ago we talked about our love of thread chains in the studio and how useful they are when you want to keep two layers of fabric together loosely. Today we'll show you how we use thread chains to keep bra straps in place under sleeveless garments like our Alder Shirtdress, Hadley Top, Farrow [...] Continue Reading
  • My Felix Dresses | Grainline Studio My Felix Dresses

    Pattern: Felix Dress Fabric: April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabric Content: Rayon Size Made: 8 Necklace: Tiro Tiro Shoes: Bryr Clogs It's been a hot minute since I posted a garment I've made here so I'm excited to get back to it! Kicking off my return to blogging this type of thing are my Felix [...] Continue Reading
  • Felix Sew-Along: Hems | Grainline Studio Felix Sew-Along: Hems

    Alright, today is the last day in the Felix Sew-Along and we’ll be hemming our dresses! Hemming the dress is pretty much exactly the same as hemming the sleeves so you may have already done this on your own, but if not here’s the scoop! Begin by pressing up the hem 1/4″, then 1/4″ again […]

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  • Felix Sew-Along: Sleeveless | Grainline Studio Felix Sew-Along: Sleeveless

    Today we'll be using a bias facing to finish the armholes of the sleeveless version of the Felix Dress. If you've done this before or followed our flat bias facings tutorial you're probably an old pro. If this is the case, just make a note that the seam allowance for attaching the bias facing to [...] Continue Reading
  • Felix Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline Studio Felix Sew-Along: Sleeves

    Alright, if you're putting sleeves on your Felix Dress, today is for you! If not, just sit back and wait for our next post. The instructions in the pattern booklet show the 3/4 length sleeve so for the sew-along I'll be demonstrating on the flutter sleeve. Both sleeves are inserted exactly the same no matter [...] Continue Reading
  • Felix Sew-Along: Side Seams | Grainline Studio Felix Sew-Along: Side Seams

    We've got an easy day for you today in the Felix Sew-Along, we're just sewing up those side seams. Four seams and you're all done and can finally try on your dress! To start I like to lay my dress out as shown, then move the self front out of the way to reveal the [...] Continue Reading