• See our picks and tips for choosing the right fabric for your Hadley Top! How to Choose your Hadley Fabric

    Today we're going to talk about choosing your Hadley fabric! Probably the most important thing to remember when choosing fabrics is that the Hadley is a shape that needs drape. If you choose something too stiff rather than having an elegant A-line top that flows with you as you move, you'll sort of be wearing a [...] Continue Reading
  • Getting Inspired with New Fabric

    I ordered a few fabrics last week in anticipation of finally being able to make things for myself, not that I don’t have plenty laying around here but it’s nice to start fresh sometimes before delving into old projects (planned or started). Does anyone else buy new fabric when they need a kick into gear […]

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  • fabric recycling : what do you do with your scraps?

    Okay so today is the day where I talk about scraps. What on earth do you guys do with them? I am going out of my mind with fabric scraps. I’m pretty good at fabric yield (I get a lot of practice at work) so most often my scraps aren’t big enough to make anything […]

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  • fabric friday?

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate WAY too much food, I know I did! I was hoping I would finish some socks up to show here today but after eating too much food we all passed out on the couch downstairs and watched the Godfather Marathon. Was anyone else watching that? Anyway, instead […]

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  • offering up : fabric

    I’ve been doing some studio cleaning getting ready for the next hound collection release and I thought that it would be a good time to go through my personal fabric collection and narrow down the selection a bit. Since I’m not really sure what to do with the fabric, I’ve decided to offer it up […]

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  • wardrobe

    boots : bass | dress : sessun | sweatshirt : alternative apparel Well I shelled out some cash for a new pair of boots.  I have been feeling a bit like a slob so far this winter, and needed a little pick me up in the shoe department.  These are the Nikki boot by Bass […]

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