• Morris Sew-Along: Cutting

    Cutting the Morris is pretty self explanatory but I wanted to touch on a quick point or two. Above are the pieces you’ll need to cut from your self fabric – this is the main fabric you’re using for your blazer. To the left in the above image are the pieces that you’ll need to cut in […]

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  • Alder Sew Along Part 4: Cutting Your Alder

    Today we're going to be cutting our fabric. I know this post is a little late in the day but there was a bit of a laptop charger malfunction that needed to be remedied. Anyway we're back and it's time to cut! First off you're going to want to press your fabric so that it's nice [...] Continue Reading
  • Archer Sew Along | Day 2 | Cutting the Fabric

    Alright day 2 of the sew along and we’re going to cut our fabric, but really quickly before we start, I had some questions about the sew along schedule. I’ve never hosted or partaken in one of these suckers before so pardon me for not addressing that. My plan is to post Monday + Tuesday, […]

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  • Archer Sew Along | Day 1 | Assembling the Pattern

    Are you guys all ready for this Archer Sew Along Adventure? Today we’ll be assembling our patterns, selecting our sizes, and adjusting for length, width, and cutting between sizes if, like me, you fall into a few different size groups. For starters, gather your supplies for assembling the pattern. If you don’t have the pattern […]

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  • Tips + Tricks | Cutting Silk

    I get asked a lot what my tips for working with silk are and honestly, I don’t have that many. One thing I do every time I’m cutting silk, either for myself or at work, is cut it through paper. This is how I learned to cut silk in school and it was reinforced once […]

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