• Carolyn Friedlander Weekend at Fancy Tiger Crafts | Grainline Studio Carolyn Friedlander Weekend at Fancy Tiger Crafts

    I know most of you are just here for the garment sewing tips, but I really think my knitting and quilting combine with garment sewing to make me better at all three. I also think that learning something new, even if it's not directly related to garment sewing, is a great way to keep your [...] Continue Reading
  • Life Lately v04 | Nani Iro Quilt | Grainline Studio Life Lately v.04

    Remember the good old days of blogging where I used to overshare all the time? Well they’re back! Sort of. It’s been a long and strange road navigating Grainline from where it started in 2009 as a small personal blog, to the full grown business with employees it is today. During that time I gradually […]

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