• Scout Tee Modification 07: Tulip Back | Grainline Studio Scout Tee Modification 07: Split Back

    We established our love for split back tops back in 2013 when we released our Lakeside Pajama set, but for some reason we've never transferred that design detail over to any of our other patterns until now! This is a fairly simple pattern modification that slightly alters the shape of the final garment, the A-line [...] Continue Reading
  • How To: Make Your Own Bias Tape | Grainline Studio How To: Make Your Own Bias Tape

    Whether you're following along with our Stowe Sew-Along or want to make your own bias tape for another project, this tutorial is for you! We'll walk you through the steps involved in cutting and folding your own bias tape as we do it here in the studio. If you have any questions just let us [...] Continue Reading
  • Lakeside Pajama Picks & Tips Lakeside Pajama Picks & Bias Tips

    one • two • three • four • five • six We were finally able to restock the paper version of our Lakeside Pajamas a few weeks ago and we’ve been completely blown away by how many of you are snapping them up to make your own summer pj sets! It’s been a few years […]

    Continue Reading
  • Tamarack: Applying Bias Binding

    We've inserted our welt pockets and now it's time to bind the main body of the jacket. Here I'll walk you through that process which includes our technique for turning corners with bias binding. If you've ever made a quilt this part will be familiar for you, and if not you'll be learning something new! [...] Continue Reading