Town and Field Bag
Fabric & Notions Kits

We're excited to now offer Town & Field Bag Fabric & Notions kits for wholesale!

You've been requesting them since the launch fo the Field Bag back in 2021 and we're excited to finally able to make it happen.

Purchase in packs of 5 kits – choose a single color set or a multi-pack of assorted colors.

Town Bag Patterns
Fabric & Notions Kits

Town Bag

$18 Retail / $9 Wholesale

Town Notions Kit

$45 Retail / $112.50 Whsl 5ct.

Town Notions Kit

$16 Retail / $8 Wholesale

Town Rivet Set

$3 Retail / $1.50 Wholesale

Field Bag Patterns
Fabrics & Notions Kits


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