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Field Bag Artist Series Kits

Bob Bechtol 01

Back in early 2020, Field Bag designer Karen Templer persuaded her artist husband, Bob Bechtol, to paint a small number of one-of-a-kind Town Bags, dubbed the Downtown Bag, which were a huge hit.

To christen his new Florida painting studio, the three of us cooked up another treat: KITS for one-of-a-kind Field Bags, each one handpainted by Bob, to be sewn by you! This is a limited edition of 50 kits and will not be repeated.*

Crucial Details
  • • Some paint may have bled through and will thus show on the inside and/or the cord casing, which will add to the unique character of the bag!
• It may smell like paint for a bit!
• The lightly painted canvas will be somewhat stiffer and sturdier than regular canvas, and make the bag a little more resistant to being pulled closed with the drawcord. It will soften and take on its own patina with time and use.
• The kit will include a few additional notes on sewing with the painted canvas.
• Again, you will not know exactly what you'll get (once you've sewn it up, your bag will loosely resemble those pictured), so please only order if you find that thrilling!
• Sales are final.
• Limit 2 kits per customer.
*If this kit's a hit, we may do another one in the future, but it will be different from these. To be added to the wishlist for that, use the "notify me" button that will appear on the product page if and when this edition sells out.