Felix Dress Sew-Along

Felix Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

Pattern: Felix Dress

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Felix Dress! In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Felix, tips for selecting fabric, how to assemble our unique lined bodice, setting sleeves, bias faced armholes, and more!

Need inspiration? Browse our Felix Pinterest Gallery before you start!

Felix Sew-Along Posts

Felix Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

1. Introducing the Felix Dress

Learn all about why we designed this floaty dress as well as about the various design features that make it what it is!

Felix Sew-Along | Grainline Studio

2. Felix Inspiration

Looking for RTW inspiration for your Felix Dress? We’ve rounded up a few to get your creative ideas flowing!

Felix Sew-Along: Gathering Supplies | Grainline Studio

3. Gathering Supplies

Not sure what tools you need to make your own Felix Dress? We’ve got everything listed here to make your life easy!

Felix Sew-Along: Fabric Ideas | Grainline Studio

4. Fabric Ideas

The Felix Dress requires a fabric with drape, learn what that means and which fabrics work best in our fabric ideas post.

Felix Sew-Along: Selecting a Size | Grainline Studio

5. Choosing a Size

We walk you through taking proper measurements, using them to select the correct size, and what to do if you’re not a straight size (most of us aren’t).

Felix Sew-Along: Making a Muslin and Basic Adjustments | Grainline Studio

6. Making a Muslin & Basic Adjustments

In this post we show you how to make a muslin of your Felix bodice as well as a few basic pattern adjustments to help you nail your fit.

Felix Sew-Along: Advanced Pattern Adjustments

7. Advanced Pattern Adjustments

In this post we build on the basic Felix pattern adjustments from our previous post and show you how to easily raise the V-neckline and do a small or full bust adjustment.

Felix Sew-Along | Cutting and Fusing | Grainline Studio

8. Cutting and Fusing

There’s a bit more pre-work than normal with the Felix Dress, but with our diagrams and photos in this post you won’t miss a step!

Felix Sew-Along: Neckband & Bodice Assembly | Grainline Studio

9. Neckband and Bodice Assembly

In this post we tackle the first steps in sewing up your Felix Dress, assembling the neckline and bodice.

Felix Sew-Along: Attaching the Neckband | Grainline Studio

10. Attaching the Neckband

This is the most involved part of the entire construction, but with this post you’ll sail through attaching your Felix neckband!

Felix Sew-Along: Pockets | Grainline Studio

11. Pockets

Attach your pockets to the bodice and skirt to prep for sewing on your skirts.

Felix Sew-Along: Attaching the Skirts | Grainline Studio

12. Attaching the Skirts

This is another tricky step, but nothing you can’t handle! We walk you through attaching the bodice and skirts step-by-step.

Felix Sew-Along: Side Seams | Grainline Studio

13. Side Seams

After the last few steps you deserve a break! Sew up your side seams, then sit back and relax as your Felix begins to really take shape.

Felix Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline Studio

14. Sleeves

Follow these instructions if you’re putting sleeves on your Felix. All instructions are the same whether you’re using the flutter or 3/4 sleeves.

Felix Sew-Along: Sleeveless | Grainline Studio

15. Sleeveless

If you’ve followed our flat bias facing tutorials before this step will be familiar to you. Remember you’re using a different seam allowance here!

Felix Sew-Along: Hems | Grainline Studio

16. Hems

This last step is an easy one. Hem up your Felix and you’re all set!

Felix Pattern Variations & Extras

A Felix Dress with Waist Ties | Grainline Studio

Variation 01: Waist Tie Felix Dress

Adding waist ties to your Felix Dress gives you the option to change the silhouette of your dress depending on your mood or occasion!