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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 01 Common Pattern Adjustments & Cutting

    Today we’re finally starting the Willow Sew-Along! This pattern is rated Beginner so you more advanced sewers might not need this information, but I wanted to make sure that it’s readily available for anyone new to sewing who might need an extra hand. To begin you’ll want to gather your supplies. I mentioned this in the […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along Announcement

    As promised we’ll be having a sew-along for the Willow for all the beginners out there, as well as anyone looking to pick up some extra tips. The sew-along will start next week, Monday May 30th so I wanted to give you the heads up on supplies now! It won’t be a long sew-along since the […]

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  • Our Willows

    We LOVE plants at Grainline Studio. Being in nature is very special to all of us. We have been really busy in the studio preparing the new Willow Tank & Dress for release. As a treat to ourselves we took our Willows on an outing to our favorite place in Chicago, The Garfield Park Conservatory. […]

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  • Willow Swatches & Inspiration

    One of our favorite things to talk about here in the studio is what we want to make! Jen, Lexi and I always have something cooking in our sketch books. This morning I went to my favorite coffee shop, Gas Light Coffee in Logan Square, it’s on my way to work! Anyway, the barista had […]

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  • Our Newest Pattern: Willow!

    We have been day dreaming in the studio of warm days at the lake, canoe trips and having night picnics at Millennium Park. And most importantly… what we are going to be wearing during these activities! With this new season there is a new pattern… The Willow Tank! The pattern includes both a Tank Top and […]

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