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  • Give your Willow Tank a split hem with our super easy tutorial! | Grainline Studio Variation 02: Split Hem Willow

    We're deep in the heat and humidity of summer here so the only things I want to make are quick, easy garments that will keep me cool when I step outside. Our Willow Tank is perfect for that, and you all have been making SO MANY of them, I'm a little blown away. A few [...] Continue Reading
  • Willow Variation 01: Cropped Tank

    Today I’m going to talk about turning the Willow Tank into a cropped top! Typically when lengthening or shortening a pattern piece you’ll want to use the lines marked on the pattern. When shortening the Willow into a crop however, we recommend shortening from the bottom. This keeps the top from becoming too wide at the […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 05 Hemming

    Today we’ll be hemming up our Willows…just in time for the hot weather approaching! I’ll be going through hemming the tank version first, then the dress. Begin by folding up and pressing the 1/2″ seam allowance around the bottom hem edge of the tank. Following the fold line marked on the pattern, fold the hem […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 04

    In today’s installment of the Willow Sew-Along we’ll be binding our neckline and armhole edges. This is probably the most “difficult” part of the Willow, but if you take it one step at a time, it’s no trouble at all! I’ll be showing you how to bind the neckline in this post, but the armholes […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 03

    Today we’ll be attaching the skirt to the bodice for the dress version of the Willow. If you’re making the tank, you can skip today! Begin by sewing the side seams of your skirt pieces. Finish the seam allowances as desired and press them to the back of the garment. Now we’ll sew the first […]

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  • Willow Sew-Along: Day 02

    Today we’ll be sewing our darts and the side seams for the bodice of the tank & dress. If you missed our previous post about fitting and cutting, you can find it here. Make sure that you have your dart point marked and the dart legs notched. Fold the top right sides together matching the two […]

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