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  • Uniform Tunic Modification 01: Uniform Shirt | Grainline Studio Uniform Tunic Modification 01: Uniform Shirt

    Today, we're sharing two of our favorite, incredibly simple, modifications that transform the Uniform from tunic to shirt! These quick adjustments increase the number of options this incredibly versatile pattern offers. The Uniform Shirt is the perfect alternative for you if you don't think of yourself as a tunic person. Please note that you will [...] Continue Reading
  • Introducing The Standalone Release of the Uniform Tunic | Grainline Studio Introducing the standalone release of the Uniform Tunic!

    We are so excited to release this standalone Uniform Tunic pattern. The Uniform Tunic was originally released as a traceable pattern in the collaboration book Uniform-Knit & Sew with Madder. We received numerous requests to release the Uniform as a standalone pattern from people who wanted printed and PDF versions of the pattern that didn't [...] Continue Reading
  • My Uniform Tunics and Cardigan | Grainline Studio My Uniform Tunics and Cardigan

    While I often knit and sew garments to wear together I’ve never made two garments that were designed to go together. Enter the Uniform Tunics & Cardigan that we designed with Carrie of Madder which became the Uniform Knit & Sew book! Both of these tunics were made for our Uniform Tunic Sew-Along so if you’re […]

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  • Uniform Sew-Along: Neck Facing | Grainline Studio Uniform Sew-Along: Neck Facing

    Today is the last installment in our Uniform Tunic Sew-Along, sewing your neckline facing! Both necklines are done in the same manner but I'll be demo-ing on the view B V-neck so since there's one clip you'll definitely need to make for this version. Let's dive in! To begin, align the shoulder seams of the [...] Continue Reading
  • Uniform Sew-Along: Sleeves | Grainline Studio Uniform Sew-Along: Sleeves

    Today we'll be setting the sleeves of the view B Uniform Tunic. Much like the previous armhole facing post you can use the sleeves in view A or view B with no adjustments, it's all up to your personal preference. With that let's get started! To begin lay out both sleeves and fold the side [...] Continue Reading
  • Uniform Sew-Along: Armhole Binding | Grainline Studio Uniform Sew-Along: Armhole Binding

    Today we'll be discussing how to apply bias facings to the armholes of your Uniform Tunic. I'll be showing this technique on view A since that's what we've illustrated in the book, but the bias facing pattern pieces can be applied to either view without trouble. To begin, sew each armhole strip into a circle [...] Continue Reading