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  • Notes on Marking

    After yesterday’s post about cutting out your Archer I got a lot of questions regarding the fact that I use a #2 pencil to do the majority of my marking. I thought I’d talk a little more about my marking methods really quickly. Above are my favorite marking tools, and they’re pretty much the only […]

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  • Tips + Tricks | Cutting Silk

    I get asked a lot what my tips for working with silk are and honestly, I don’t have that many. One thing I do every time I’m cutting silk, either for myself or at work, is cut it through paper. This is how I learned to cut silk in school and it was reinforced once […]

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  • Tips + Tricks | Smooth Collar Curves

    You know how sometimes when you clip and notch a curve, then turn it right side out it can create a very slight angle at the point where the clip or notch is? To avoid that and get super smooth curves trim and grade the seam close to the stitching line as I’ve done above. […]

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  • Tips + Tricks | Chaining (It’s a Video!)

    threadchain from Grainline Studio on Vimeo. I am super excited to post my first ever video tutorial and for my all time favorite sewing technique, chaining! Seriously I am obsessed with chaining, I will chain anything and everything I can. If you're a quilter, you might already do this, but if not this you may [...] Continue Reading
  • tips + tricks | perfect points

    Here I present my tutorial on getting super corners and points. When I first learned this trick in school I thought there was no way that made sense or would work, but low and behold it does. Like a charm. A sharp pointy charm. Anyway I used three weights of fabric for this tutorial so […]

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  • tips + tricks | easy roll hem

    Next up in the Tips + Tricks series is the easy roll hem.  I usually get at least one request for a tutorial every time I post a photo of a rolled hem so I thought I should get on this one.  I learned this technique from one of our seamstresses at work, Jurata, when […]

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