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  • Knit Scout Tutorial

    Are you guys ready for the knit Scout Tee instructions? I’ve made this tutorial using a serger for a majority of the construction but if you don’t have one, or just don’t prefer to use one, you can use a regular machine. If you are using a sewing machine rather than a serger, my recommendation […]

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  • Sewing Tutorials | Patching Lace

    I’ve noticed a lot of interest in sewing with lace around the internet lately and there seems to be a bit of trepidation in working with it. Lace can be intimidating – it’s usually more expensive than other fabrics, especially as you get into high quality lace – which can cause a bit of stress during the […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | Inserting a Fly Front Zipper

    I used to hate HATE inserting flies until I figured out this awesome method. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I feel like every time I opened a new book or pattern they would give me a slightly different variation on how to insert a fly. These are my 7 steps to inserting a fly that works […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | Zippers with Free Hanging Overlays

    Floaty chiffon style skirts are pretty popular right now, they’re incredibly easy to make and fun to wear, but it can sometimes be strange when that flowing top layer is jammed into a zipper on one side. This is the technique I used on my Cobalt Chiffon Skirt, a technique I first learned at work. […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | Maritime Shorts + A Variation

    If you’ve been waiting for the step by step tutorial on how to sew the Maritime Shorts here it is! I’ve also included additional steps to sew this curved hem variation [pattern tutorial here] so you can get more mileage out of your pattern. The tutorial is literally about 50 photos (dudes, I know I […]

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  • Sewing Tutorial | French All Your Seams

    After posting my navy lace scout tee I got a few questions asking how I french seamed my armholes. It can seem a little confusing at first but, as with apparently all of my tutorials, I promise it really is very easy. I’m first going to do a run through of the french seam and […]

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