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  • Spring Tamarack | Grainline Studio A Non-Quilted Tamarack for Spring

    From time to time I get inquiries about making a non-quilted Tamarack Jacket, aka one without quilting or batting, and yes, it is 100% possible! I thought spring would be a great time to showcase this pattern variation as it's not only seasonally appropriate, but it's a great way to show off a fun print! For [...] Continue Reading
  • Farewell to Parkas… Hello to Jackets

    photo by Ebony Bizys from her blog Hello Sandwich. We love all things Japanese, and it’s about to be cherry blossom season! We can’t wait to see those blossoms pop! One of our favorite online stores, Miss Matatabi has a beautiful selection of pre-quilted fabrics by Japanese designer Nani Iro. We spent our gloomy Monday […]

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  • Tamarack: Setting Snaps

    The last step in your Tamarack jacket is adding the closure. There are a few different options you can use for this. Buttons, sew in snaps, or you can set snaps. We’re going to show you the latter in this tutorial since we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the process. This is the quick […]

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  • Tamarack: Applying Bias Binding

    We’ve inserted our welt pockets and now it’s time to bind the main body of the jacket. Here I’ll walk you through that process which includes our technique for turning corners with bias binding. If you’ve ever made a quilt this part will be familiar for you, and if not you’ll be learning something new! […]

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  • Tamarack: Inserting Welt Pockets

    Are you ready to insert some welt pockets? This is hands down the most requested Tamarack tutorial; I think a lot of people are a bit scared of welt pockets. Nothing more frightening than cutting a hole through the middle of your garment piece I suppose. Like everything else in sewing though, don’t stress, take […]

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  • Tamarack: Assembling your Quilted Pieces

    Lets talk about quilting your Tamarack Jacket. For a lot of garment sewers this is going to be the most foreign part of the process unless you have some quilting experience. Fear not, we’ll walk you through with ease and soon you’ll be wanting to quilt all sorts of things! If you have questions about […]

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