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  • Tamarack Society Community Progress | Grainline Studio Tamarack Society Community Progress

    Today I wanted to share a few in progress pics from the Tamarack Society Instagram hashtag! You all have so many awesome ideas and I find it super inspiring. I've just made a quilted muslin of mine and will hopefully be cutting the actual fabric this week. If you haven't joined in yet but have [...] Continue Reading
  • Tamarack Quilting Ideas | Grainline Studio Tamarack Progress Update: Week 01

    Hi everyone! It's time for our week 1 Tamarack Society check-in! Today I'm going to show you what Lexi and I have been up to on our Tamaracks, and I'd love to hear how yours are going in the comments. I've been seeing so many awesome plans and progress photos on Instagram, you all are [...] Continue Reading
  • Tamarack Society Sew-Along: Supplies & Resources Tamarack Society Sew-Along: Supplies & Resources

    I'm so excited about how many of you are excited about this sew-along! So many beautiful Tamarack Jackets are about to be born and I cannot wait. I'm sure you can't either so our first Tamarack Society post is jam packed full of info to get you started gathering your supplies, calculating your yardage if [...] Continue Reading
  • Tamarack Society Sew-Along | Grainline Studio Tamarack Society Sew-Along (+ discount!)

    Last week I posted an image on Instagram of a jacket I wanted to use as inspiration for a long Tamarack Jacket and you guys went wild. So many of you wanted to make Tamaracks with me that I'm officially announcing the Tamarack Society Sew-Along! This won't be a standard sew-along since that already exists [...] Continue Reading
  • Spring Tamarack | Grainline Studio A Non-Quilted Tamarack for Spring

    From time to time I get inquiries about making a non-quilted Tamarack Jacket, aka one without quilting or batting, and yes, it is 100% possible! I thought spring would be a great time to showcase this pattern variation as it's not only seasonally appropriate, but it's a great way to show off a fun print! For [...] Continue Reading
  • Farewell to Parkas… Hello to Jackets

    photo by Ebony Bizys from her blog Hello Sandwich. We love all things Japanese, and it’s about to be cherry blossom season! We can’t wait to see those blossoms pop! One of our favorite online stores, Miss Matatabi has a beautiful selection of pre-quilted fabrics by Japanese designer Nani Iro. We spent our gloomy Monday […]

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