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  • Spring ’14 Wardrobe: Cream Terry Sweatshirt

    I’m so excited to blog the first part of my Spring ’14 Wardrobe! I finished this a little bit ago but was waiting for some non-coat, snow melted weather to go out and photograph it and yesterday was the day. I picked up this natural colored terry at Drygoods while I was in Seattle last […]

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  • Geometric 3/4 Sleeve Scout Variation

    I’ve been getting loads of emails for a long time all asking this question… “How do I make the Scout with longer sleeves?” Well I finally got it together and made one myself. Today I just have finished photos of my version and next post I’ll have the full pattern alteration tutorial which admittedly is […]

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  • Red Ikat Dress

    Well, I finally photographed this dress. If you follow my Instagram account [@grainlinestudio] you saw this a few weeks (months?) ago. For some reason I’ve been having a hard time figuring out where to do photos in my new apartment which has lead to me not photographing anything. This is bad because I have a […]

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  • Denim Moss Skirt

    You guys, I have SO many garments that need to be photographed and posted! I went through a crazy sewing whirlwind this summer and this denim Moss skirt was one of the results. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a denim mini skirt but I kinda dig it. It makes me feel All-American or […]

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  • My Lakeside Pajamas

    [all photos by Michelle Klosinski] Are you ready to talk more about pajamas? I hope so! I’ve made 2 sets of the Lakeside Pajamas now and I love them so much more than the pairs I made last summer. There was a lot of tweaking going on from those sets to these, most notably I added a […]

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  • A Beachy Kat Dress Variation

    Woah guys, check it. I’m wearing a maxi dress. I’m going to pretend that I’m looking as awesome as Oona does when she rocks the bright full length summer gowns but I’m not convinced deep down that I am. Perhaps I just need to get used to it? This is the first full length thing […]

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