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  • Blue Lace Watson

    Garment Details Pattern | Watson Bra Lace | Lace Fabrics Etsy Bra Findings | Blackbird Fabrics Bra Strapping | Blackbird Fabrics A few weeks ago it was boiling hot outside and I was trying to figure out what to wear to stand outside in the sun all day at a music fest here in Chicago. I […]

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  • A New Denim Moss Etc.

    Outfit Details Skirt Pattern | Moss Skirt Top Pattern | Penny Raglan Bra Pattern | Watson Shoes | Bryr Clogs After our chat the other week on photographing and posting finished projects I’ve been super motivated (well relative to how motivated I was previously) to get some photos done. Saturday morning, before I started an […]

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  • Kendra’s Plaid Flannel Archer

    So, spring is taking a little longer than I’d like to get here or should I say get here and STAY here. Although we have had some wonderful sunny, 60-70 degree days here in Chicago, we have also had some cold, grey, and rainy ones. To combat this bizarre in-between weather, I decided to make […]

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  • Hemlock Tee in Woven Stripes

    Occasionally I get questions about making the Hemlock Tee in woven fabrics so I thought my latest blog collaboration with Britex Fabrics would be a perfect time to showcase that yes, it is possible! The fabric I used for this project is this large print, super graphic, black and white striped silk and my goal was to make use […]

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  • Mariner Stripe Linden Sweater

    Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt Fabric: Body / Ribbing Size: 2 at bust graded to 6 at hips Modifications: Finished neckband is 1″ and hem ribbing is split at side seams with longer ribbing in back. One thing I really wanted to try out while working on the Linden pattern but never had time to do was […]

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  • Linden Sweatshirt View B

    Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt View B Self Fabric: French Terry Ribbing: None used Size: Straight 6 because it needed to be photographed on my dress form. Typically I would use a 2 or 4 bust graded down to a 4 or 6 at the hip depending on the fit I wanted. View B of the Linden […]

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